Pre-Conference Communications

In the months before the conference, delegates will receive email updates using the following timeline. This will allow our delegates to plan for their training sessions and their arrival details well in advance of the conference.


Please contact our USG Delegates, Shannon Yang, at if you have any questions or concerns.


24 September 2019: Delegate handbook and study guides will be distributed.

Delegate Pack

The OxIMUN delegate pack available here: Delegate pack 2019

Position Papers

Position papers will be due in for all applicable delegates at midnight (UTC) on the 17th of October 2019. 

Rules of Procedure

OxIMUN Rules of Procedure 2019 (click here to view the RoP)

Code of Conduct

OxIMUN Code of Conduct 2019 (click here to view the Code)

Awards Policy

OxIMUN 2019 will have four (4) major awards, as well as honourable mentions. If you have any questions, please contact our USG Academics at These major awards will be the following:


– Diplomacy Awards, rewarding delegates for the following:

  • Specificity over grand ideals in resolutions.

  • Compromising as necessary.

  • Reconciling national interests with committee opinion.

  • Being well researched and well-spoken in debate.

– Commendations, Rewarding individual delegates for a high quality performance in their respective committee.

– Best Position Paper Awards, awarded to the delegate that provides the best position paper within their respective committee. This is judged on the quality of the writing and level of research.

– Best Delegation Awards, awarded to the delegation that performs the best overall during the conference. This is split into two categories:

  • Best Small Delegation (10 or fewer delegates)

  • Best Large Delegation (10+ delegates)

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