Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply to participate in OxIMUN 2019 through the APPLY page on this website once delegate applications are launched on the 28th of April.

If you are applying to be a delegate, or on behalf of a delegation, you should complete the registration form. Once this form has been completed, you will be informed as to whether or not your application has been successful as soon as possible. When applying as a delegation, you have the option of selecting the number of beginner, intermediate and advanced delegates you are applying for, as well as the number of faculty advisors that are attached to your delegation.

You will then be allocated to a committee and a country. However, these allocations are not completely final, and if you do have an issue please email, and we will try to accommodate you as much as possible.

Billing should occur for all participants, apart from Chairs, in early July or later. Most payments should be through bank transfer, however if you pay by PayPal a fee will be added to your invoice to cover the transaction fee charged to us to receive your payment. This fee varies by region, and you will be notified of the exact fee when you contact the Finance Director, at, to request to pay by PayPal.

You must pay the registration fee within 14 days of receiving the email sent to you regarding payment: after this date it is at the discretion of the Secretariat to accept your application. Payment may be accepted by other means with the prior agreement of the Finance Director ( Payment must be made in a single transaction in Pounds Sterling (GBP). If you do pay in another currency, you will be charged any costs incurred by us in exchanging the currency to GBP. Payment must account for all bank fees charged for the transaction (if you are unsure of what these are please contact your bank and the USG for Finance).


Applications will open on the 28th April 2019. You can apply through the apply page on the OxIMUN website where you will be required to fill in a google docs form for Individual delegates. 

You can apply to participate in OxIMUN 2019  through our website or FB page which will have a link to the application Google Form starting April 21st.

If you are applying to Chair, you may then be invited to interview with the USG Chairs who will decide whether to accept your application and allocate you to a Committee. If you are accepted as a Chair, you will need to confirm that you still wish to Chair and will have one week to pay the registration fee of £45 by bank transfer. You may choose to pay by PayPal by requesting this payment method from the USG for Finance (, this will incur a fee to cover the charges made to us by PayPal to receive your payment. As these fees vary the Finance Director will notify you of the fee at the time. The details of how to pay will be sent in the acceptance email. Payment may be accepted by other means with the prior agreement of the USG for Finance (

Payment must be made in a single transaction in Pounds Sterling (GBP). If you do pay in another currency, you will be charged any costs incurred by us in exchanging the currency to GBP. If a confirmation of payment is not received within one week, we will assume that you do not want the position and will offer it to another applicant.

We reserve the right to use any information available in the public domain during this process, as well as the record of excluded delegates from past conferences. All decisions made by the USG Chairs regarding acceptance and allocation are final, although if you have a request or any questions, feel free to contact

You apply with your delegation, and you will be billed with your delegation. However, your fee is only £45, simply to cover some of the costs involved in the socials.

We are sorry, but we cannot accept applications from anyone who will be under the age of 18 at the start of the conference.

No, the Socials are included in the delegate registration fee. As the vast majority delegates opt for the social pack at OxIMUN, this simply helps streamline the process. And trust us, the Ball is absolutely worth it.

OxIMUN 2019 is unable to provide accommodation for participants this year. Whilst we understand that this may cause some inconvenience, due to the lack of interest in our accommodation services two years ago , as well as the difficulties encountered in booking accommodation on behalf of the conference, the Secretariat has decided to dedicate the energy and resources required into improving the delegate experience, rather than trying to provide accommodation to a relatively small number of participants.

However, the Secretariat is looking into methods of helping facilitate the accommodation process for the conference, so please keep an eye out on this website and our social media for possible discount packages and recommendations etc. If you have any questions, please email

No participant is entitled to a refund. This is because we have already paid for a lot of our venues based on the number of people attending. However, if you are unable to attend due to exceptional personal circumstances, or due to being denied a Visa for the UK, please email the Secretary-General who will consider each request on its own merits. The decision of the Secretary-General is final.

We cannot guarantee to offer a fee waiver or provide monetary assistance to many of those seeking to attend the conference. We strongly recommend that delegates attempt to raise funds from their own university, or by contacting external sponsors directly. However, there is the opportunity to apply for the Oxbridge Scholarship, which allows you to attend both CUIMUN and OxIMUN with waived fees. Please click here for a link to our information page on the scholarship.

Yes, if needed the Secretary General can provide a letter of introduction to support your UK visa application.

However, please be aware that visa decisions are at the discretion of the Embassy or Consulate and we are unable to do anything more than urge them to consider your application favourably.
Please email if you have any questions with regards to the accessibility of our facilities or any other requirements that you may have before your application has been submitted and subsequently accepted. Once your application has been accepted, please email with any requests or requirements that you may have and we will try our best to facilitate your OxIMUN experience. 
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