World Trade Organisation (WTO).

The WTO is a powerful body which regulates international trade. Replacing the General Agreement on Trades and Tariffs (GATT), the WTO came into existence in 1995 under the terms of the Marrakech Agreement. Aside from providing a forum for the negotiation of international trade agreements, WTO plays an important role in the resolution of disputes between governments around issues of international trade. Given the current global political climate and the recent occurrence of events like Brexit, the WTO is highly relevant on the world stage at this moment in time.

Topic A: Settling the Trade Dispute between Qatar and the Arab States

Topic B: Brexit, the aftermath


Meet your chairs

Badshah Kazi

Hello everyone! My name is Badshah Kazi and I will be serving as one of the Directors for the committee. I am currently a first-year student studying Mathematics in London. I’ve been doing MUN for just over 6 years now and Oxford will be my 25th conference overall. MUN as an activity has been very interesting for me throughout my career, particularly since I have two older siblings who got me addicted to doing conferences way back in 2012 and I’ve stuck to it ever since. Funnily enough, you can find both of them over at the Crisis Committee in this year’s conference.

Aside from MUN, I enjoy reading fictional literature, playing video games, and watching Marvel Movies whilst occasionally making my family suffer through terrible maths puns that I came up with. Aside from Maths, the other subject I study is Philosophy as I’ve always enjoyed discussing different arguments about God’s existence whilst trying to figure what would be the most moral way to live a life. If you asked who my favourite Philosopher, I would most likely say Hume.

Fun Fact: The sum of all positive integers is equal to -1/12

Johannes Giavridis

My name is Johannes Giavridis, I am 19 years old and currently in the second year of my BSc in Management & European Business, in Turin. Having a Greek father and a German mother, as far as my memory dates back, I’ve always been tumbling between my Greek and German identity. I was born in Germany, but then was brought straight to Greece where I attended the German School of Athens all the way from first grade to graduation. I have three younger siblings, whom I’ve always been trying to motivate to enter the MUN world, hoping they would become as possessed as I am.

OXIMUN 2017 will be my 17th MUN conference, but I’ve always believed that one’s conference-count should by no means be measure to his competence as an MUNer. My greatest hobby apart from MUN, as nerdy as it sounds, is playing chess. Aside from that my interests also cover finance and philosophy. I have yet to find my place in the professional world, but there’s nothing in the world that saddens me more than seeing people with no aspiration for their own future.

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