International Labour Organisation (ILO)

Headquartered in Geneva, the ILO is an incremental organization to any discussion relating to international development as it strives to define and shape globally respected labor standards. Since 1990 it has been a tripartite UN agency where workers, governments, and employers jointly develop policies to protect workers and their rights internationally. As countless parties in our globalized system look to decrease the value of labor to increase their profit share ILO’s conversations are expected to act counter.

Introducing your chairs...

ILO_Maurits Bogaards

Maurits Bogaards

Acting as director of the ILO committee, Maurits is a Dutch third year International Relations student reading at King’s College London. Parallel to his studies, he is the acting editor in chief of Sensus Journal, a student journal writing on political issues and international relations. 


Starting MUN at 15 years old, Maurits has attended over 20 conferences serving in various roles and secretariats, mainly functionning within UNHCR, UNDP or UNSC committees. Starting Universitary MUN with the KCL United Nations Association, he has since become its Training Officer. In 2020, he will be undertaking the position of Charing Officer for LIMUN and Under Secretary General for Chairing of ULMUN.

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Yasmin Frischemeier

Yasmin is a second year International Relations student at the London School of Economics. Born in sunny California, she is a Swiss national. The ambiguous brown-ness apparent in her picture comes from her mixed Indian and European heritage. Seek her out if you’d also like to discuss your own identity crises! Yasmin has been involved with Model UN for 7 years now, and it continues to take over her live as she serves as the LSE’s Model United Nations Director. Aside from MUN, if there is, in fact, an ‘aside,’ she loves playing board games and keeping up with American politics as the 2020 General Election inches ever closer. At the moment, she is particularly attached to Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Elizabeth Warren. She would like to assure you that she is not lame, even if this biography has been working hard to convince you otherwise. Yasmin is passionate and excited about her role chairing the ILO at OxiMUN 2019 and can’t wait to meet all of her delegates in October!

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