World Trade Organisation (WTO) – Intermediate Committee

Established in 1994 to replace the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the WTO is an intergovernmental organisation that regulates international trade by providing a framework for the negotation of trade agreements and the resolution of disputes between Member States. Recent topics of discussion include the trade war between China and the United States. In OxIMUN, this committee will convene as the biennial Ministerial Conference, which serves as the supreme decision-making body of the WTO.

Topic 1: Regulating the New Economic Reality: International Data Trading

Topic 2: Strengthening the Rules-based International Trade System

Your WTO Chairs

Victor Arribas Martinez - Headshot

Victor Arribas Martinez

Víctor Arribas comes from Madrid and is currently studying European Social and Political Studies between Sciences Po Paris and UCL with a specialization in Economics and Societies. Since he was 14 years old he has been engaged in Model UN, participating in more than 15 MUNs. He has been Secretary-General of the first high-school model in his country, SEKMUN and chaired multiple conferences in France, Germany and Spain. He acts as Regional Coordinator of the European Youth Parliament and forms part of the “Becas Europa” network of Banco Santander. He speaks 6 languages and is an amateur actor.

Luči Krnic

Luči took up Model UN in her first year at the University of Surrey because, as a true mathematician, she enjoys spending her weekends solving some of the world’s biggest problems. She comes from a country best known for its beautiful sea and amazing football players: Croatia. Her love for economic committees is inspired by both: experiencing the ups and downs of her country’s transition to open market economy on her own skin and the fact that she can make use of numbers in the debate. Naturally, this inspired her to help countries with similar troubles by specialising in World Bank committee and her altruism enabled her to win LIMUN Diplomacy Award at her 6th conference. At the time when global trade is anything but boring, she dares to say that WTO might just be the most exciting committee at OxiMUN. There is no accounting for tastes, but if you agree, Luči will be looking forward towards hearing you debate, negotiate and protect fair and open trade.

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