World Health Organisation (WHO).

The World Health Organisation is a specialised agency of the United Nations, covering the remit of international public health. Since its establishment in 1948, the WHO has been at the forefront of many great advances in this field, playing a leading role in the eradication of smallpox. More recently, its priorities have been orientated around other communicable diseases (most notably HIV/AIDS, Ebola, malaria, and tuberculosis), reproductive health, and nutrition; though the agency has interests in many areas.

Topic A: Enhancing Access to Pharmaceuticals at a Global Scale

Topic B: Health Data Sharing: To Protect or to not Protect


Meet your chairs

Pedra Rabiee

Pedra is currently a second year medical student at King’s College London. Born in London, she has spent majority of her youth living as an expatriate in Saudi Arabia and Oman, which was where her long intimate relationship with MUN began. Pedra has participated in numerous conferences around the world as either delegate, chair or secretariat member, including OxIMUN.  

When she has free time, which is quite rare these days, she likes to take long walks around London and pretend to be a tourist, just so she can improve her Instagram game #doitforthegram. She is delighted to return back to OxIMUN as chair for one of her favourite committees, World Health Organisation, with her (ex-) somewhat friend Google… ummm she means Lalit.

Chair_Lalit Maganti

Lalit Maganti

Lalit Maganti is a fifth year Maths and Computing student at Imperial College London. He has spent far too much of his time doing MUN and this will be his tenth (and final) year of being involved in MUN related activities. In his past life, he was a crisis fanatic but has since moved to GA committees much to the surprise of his friends.

Ever since he was young, Lalit has been obsessed with computers, programming and (especially) the company Google. Apart from this nerdy hobby, he loves travelling, playing racquet sports and closely following politics and current affairs. He is currently occupied pondering perhaps the greatest question asked in modern times: What is Science Po?

Lalit looks forward to chairing the WHO for the first time with his long-time rival, Pedra, with whom he has a troubled past.

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