UN Security Council (UNSC) – Advanced Committee

One of the six principal organs of the UN, the UNSC comprises 15 members, 5 of which are permanent and which hold veto power. The UNSC is tasked with the maintenance of international peace and security, including the establishment of peacekeeping operations, the imposition of international sanctions and the authorisation of military action. In recent years, the UNSC has discussed the war in Syria, the denuclearisation of North Korea and other regional and civil conflict. In OxIMUN the UNSC is run like a typical SC simulation, with a particular focus on topical conflicts.


Topic 1: Israel-Palestine Conflict: The Status of Jerusalem

Topic 2: Rohingya Crisis: Human Rights Violations in Myanmar

Your Security Council Directors

Fawad Ali Langah - Headshot

Fawad Ali Langah

Fawad has been participating in MUNs across the globe. He has done his Master’s in International Relations from Middlesex University London, with specialized courses in Global diplomacy and Public Policy Economics from the University of London and the University of Oxford. In 2012, hewas the only Pakistani student who was selected by the United Nations to attend their 1st Annual Model United Nations workshop. Mr. Langah also went on to be selected by GIMUN (Geneva International MUN Conference), held in Palace de Nations UN Geneva Headquarters in Switzerland, as a bloc Representative/Trainer; he was given the responsibility of training the “OIC” delegates. Recently, Mr Langah has initiated an online platform through social sites, including a YouTube channel by the name of MUN4SKILLS, in which he actively shares his experiences, explains tactics and provides training regarding Model United Nations.

Sanduni Mudiyanse - Headshot

Sanduni Mudiyanse

My name is Sanduni Mudiyanse; I am originally from Sri Lanka, was raised in the Middle East and currently studying in England. I have been doing MUN for the past eight years, as an aspiring diplomat and an advocate of the United Nations, MUN has always meant more than just an extra curricular. I enjoy intense debate and traveling, so what better way to do it than MUN? Other than my faith in the Gavel, I am an avid reader and foodie. I believe the calibre and decorum of OxiMUN 2018 creates the perfect diplomatic colloquium for debate. I am very excited to be a part of this year’s OxiMUN team and look forward to seeing a committee with a clear vision, action and zeal to achiever what has thus far been the unachievable. 

Johannes Giavridis - Headshot

Johannes Giavridis

 My name is Johannes Giavridis, I am 20 years old and currently in the third year of my BSc in Management and European Business, in Berlin. I am the oldest of four siblings and was raised in Athens, where I graduated from the German School. Since the age of 13 MUN has been shaping my character, without it I would be an entirely different person today. Aside from MUN my greatest hobby is, as nerdy as it sounds, playing chess. I have yet to find my place in the professional world, for now I am trying to keep all roads open.

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