UN Human Rights council (UNHRC) – Beginner Committee

An inter-governmental UN body comprising 47 States, the UNHRC is responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights. The UNHRC also addresses human rights violations and makes recommendations on such matters. It discusses a wide range of human rights issues, from the violation of rights in conflict areas to the right to privacy and economic, social and cultural rights.

Topic 1: The Rights of the Child during Migration

Topic 2: Reproductive Health as a Human Right

Your UNHRC Chairs

Charlotte McNally - Headshot

Charlotte McNally

Charlotte McNally reads law at Peterhouse, Cambridge. During her Year Abroad in the Netherlands, she was part of the 15th United Netherlands delegation. In this capacity, she was a delegate to the Human Rights Council at OxIMUN in 2017 and went on to represent Japan in the Legal Committee at HNMUN in February 2018. There, she won the Outstanding Delegate award. Her enjoyment of Model United Nations began when she attended THIMUN while studying for the International Baccalaureate. Her continued commitment is due to her love for advocacy and international law. She hopes to pursue a career at the bar.


Ernest Lee

Ernest reads History and Politics at Trinity College, Oxford. He looks forward to the debates and discussion soon to unfold in the Human Rights Council, which coincidentally was the setting for his first ever conference. Model United Nations was a big part of his life in his home country, Singapore, where he won awards at both the junior college and university level. He was also the Secretary-General of the 2017 Raffles Model United Nations, the oldest and most extensive conference of its kind. He looks to specialize in the fields of international relations and global governance in the future.

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