United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

One of the highest-profile programmes of the United Nations is the UNHCR. Mandated with protecting and supporting refugees at the request of either an individual government or the UN itself; the United Nations High Commission for Refugees assists in the processes of voluntary repatriation, integration, and third country resettlement. The work of the UNHCR has been considered in many quarters as significantly impactful, which is reflected by the fact that the programme has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize twice.

Topic A: Designing a Fair and Economically feasible Refugee Resettlement System for Global Application

Topic B: Developing a Sustainable Framework to Reduce the Vulnerability of Incoming Refugees


Meet your chairs

Andrei Cesaru

Andrei Cursaru is an internationally educated student who wants to develop sustainable solutions to new and complex challenges at the intersection of political, economic and social phenomena. He is currently in his third year at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom focusing primarily on issues surrounding peace, security and international development.

Andrei has chaired in MUN’s for time immemorial, having the opportunity to work mainly in the Security Council. He is honoured to be chairing at OXIMUN 2017 as the Chair of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as this is not only a shift of his interests towards more humanitarian issues, rather than security ones, but also because he will have the chance to shape and inspire once again delegates that will hopefully push one day international cooperation forward as future diplomats.

Andrei is truly looking forward meeting you all as well as seeing you debate fruitfully on the topics of your committee!

Vani Asawa

Hi Delegates! I am Vani, a second year student at the University of Oxford studying Mathematics, and I will be your co-chair for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Over the past 4 years, I have attended more than 10 MUN conferences internationally as a delegate as well as a chair. From discussing human rights of journalists in Syria to drug trafficking in Latin America and the Congo Crisis of the 1960s, every MUN conference has changed my way of thinking about major historical and contemporary issues. Much like the real UN, Model UN has the potential to devolve into petty disagreements and wars of words, but it also has the promise of effecting legitimate change for the people of the world who need it most. Through the UNHCR, I sincerely hope that we are able to achieve more of the latter than the former.

Besides my passion for MUNning, I am an avid reader and sportsperson who can often be found eating copious amounts of oriental food and listening to rap and heavy metal. Besides MUNning, I am also involved with the Oxford Strategy Group, a student-run consultancy and Project Access, a non-profit organisation aimed at providing mentorship to high school students.

See you at OxiMUN this November, and good luck!

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