United Nations Forum on Minority Issues.

The Forum on Minority Issues has met every year since 2008 to discuss various topics concerning minorities, in all their definitions and diversities. The foremost aim of the forum is to identify and analyse strategies for the implementation of the 1992 UN General Assembly Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities.

Topic A: Minorities in the justice system

Topic B: The right to education of minorities


Meet your chairs

Matthew Grant

Buenos Dias, I’m Matt from Buckinghamshire in the UK and I am a first year Biochemistry student here at Oxford University. This OXIMUN will be my 5th MUN conference and my second time as a conference chair. You mustn’t let my introduction deceive you, I have absolutely no Spanish linguistic ability whatsoever!

Don’t let my degree choice deceive you either, while I am at heart a scientist, I love a fierce political debate as much as anyone. MUN is a great way to hone your knowledge of foreign affairs and your public speaking skills and so I encourage everyone to make the most out of the conference. Outside of my degree I am a keen debater, often frequent Netflix and enjoy a game of golf.

Moazzam Anees Khan Lodhi

Not to increase existing tensions; not to prolong deadlocks which we have been unable to end; not to enflame the conflicts, we have failed to resolve; and not to play with emotions of people by increasing disparity, but we are here to resolve the conflicts, ending these vicious cycles of hatred, injustice, oppression and massacres while putting a full stop to these redundant deadlocks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
I welcome you all to, firstly OXIMUN’17, and then a very peculiar committee, United Nations Forum on Minority Issues- Unrecognised States. I am Moazzam Anees Khan Lodhi: A business and Law graduate from Lahore, Pakistan.  

While in the session, I really don’t care which delegate gets the US or Russia as countries, or who’s shouting the loudest in unmods, I would prefer you be quiet and diplomatic rather than loud and crude. Getting in the MUN is a matter of money, getting the country is a matter of school reputation, but getting the award is a matter of pure merit.

With hope of learning and teaching, I anticipate your presence at OXIMUN’17

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