United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

UNESCO is a specialised agency of the United Nations which aims to encourage international collaboration in the educational, scientific, and cultural spheres. It sponsors projects in areas such as literacy, teacher-training, and heritage conservation; making an important contribution to preserving global cultural diversity and encouraging advances worldwide in education. Being in the news for a variety of reasons recently, UNESCO should prove to be a topical body to simulate at OxIMUN 2017.

Topic A: Restoration of heritage sites in regions liberated from the Islamic State

Topic B: The preservation of languages facing near-future extinction


Meet your chairs

Robbie Almond

Robbie is a second year Politics student at the University of York, and has been involved in the MUN community for over a year. Having participated in both international and domestic conferences in both the General Assembly and Crisis formats, his first year of MUN culminated with his appointment to the Secretariat of YorkMUN 2018 and the procurement of his first chairing position at OxiMUN 2017.

Occasionally described as cold by a number of his friends, he wishes to reaffirm that the he is an understanding chair! Outside of MUN, he contributes and edits the occasional articles for the York

Politics Review, alongside attempting to deepen his understanding of political theory through a series of (not always) cleverly designed quips! Regardless of the number of committees you have participated in, Robbie hopes to make UNESCO a thoroughly enjoyable committee at OxIMUN 2017!

Joseph Botman

Joseph is an MUN veteran with more conferences under his belt than he can remember, starting all the way back in 2012 (the good old days). He’s passionate about languages, speaking about 10, travelling, and long-dead cultures. This Dutchman is also the worst kind of foreigner, coming to the UK only to take up a place at Oxford (studying LITerae Humaniores) that could’ve otherwise gone to an Englishwoman/man.

Whenever not abroad or studying, he can be found practicing martial arts, dishing out sadistic punishments at Model UNs, or drinking (lemonade, naturally).

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