UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) – Beginner Committee

UNESCO aims to contribute to international peace and security by promoting international collaboration in education, science, culture and communication. This is done through the sponsoring of projects such as literacy programs, the promotion of independent media and freedom of the press and the formulation of international agreements to secure World Heritage Sites, among others.

Topic 1: Securing Cultural Heritage in Crimea

Topic 2: Ensuring Free Access to Information in the Post-Truth Age

Your UNESCO Chairs

Charles John Tolkien-Gillett

Charles is a finalist at King’s College London where he is studying English and Politics. He has been involved in MUN since attending OxIMUN in his first year of university and he last year served as Conference Manager of the KCL UNA.

Charles is from England and was raised in New York. Outside of MUN, he enjoys fencing, attending academic conferences and, for the past year, learning Icelandic. His main research areas are Old English manuscripts and translation practices.
Daniel Oliviera - Headshot

Daniel Oliviera

Daniel is a double master’s degree student in International Politics at Sciences Po Bordeaux and at Coimbra University. He discovered MUN four years ago and has been participating as a delegate and more recently as a chair since then. Daniel is eager to take part for the first time at OxIMUN and UNESCO, which he considers to be the most important organization of the UN galaxy.

Apart from MUN, Daniel’s passions lay in beer, football and tennis. He looks forward to meet you at OxIMUN and promises to do his best so that everyone can have the best MUN experience ever.

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