United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The United Nations Environment Programme is the main UN agency for environmental issues. Its activities are related to areas including climate change, ecosystem management, environmental governance, and resource efficiency; amongst other topics. UNEP has been credited with a number of significant successes in international environmental diplomacy and policy, such as the 1987 Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer. Additionally, UNEP offers informative reports and policy advice to governments on currently relevant environmental issues like air pollution and waterway contamination, which typically affect multiple countries simultaneously.

Topic A: Urban development for the post 2015 agenda: Building sustainable and smart cities

Topic B: Protection of the environment in armed conflict


Meet your chairs


Fahim Kazmi

Fahim is a Mechanical Engineer currently working with the French energy giant Engie as a Project Engineer. He is also an active member of ‘Gender Interactive Alliance’ (GIA), an NGO working for the equality and civil rights of transgender people in Pakistan. He has also been the part of the consultation team behind the ‘Billion Tree Campaign’; an initiative by UNEP as a response to the wide array of sustainability challenges.

Fahim has a tremendous passion for MUN’s and has been part of major national and international conferences since 2011 including PIMUN and NIMUN. Fahim sees MUN’s as a precious opportunity to gain a greater sense of intercultural awareness, develop a broad range on diplomacy skills and socialize with people from across the world.

Outside of MUN’s, Fahim loves to travel, has a penchant for reading and a strong appetite for performing arts.

Fun fact: Fahim is a professional magician and regularly performs at his local theatres.

Eduardo Blasco

Eduardo Blasco hails from Valencia, Spain. He is graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and he is a third-year Law student. He has lived abroad in the United States, China, Brazil and currently in Switzerland, where he is pursuing the Certificate in Transnational Law jointly offered by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the University of Geneva. He is passionate about research, as he has been a research assistant to different institutions and scholars focusing mainly on international courts for the last year and a half. Eduardo has done MUN for over two years now and loved every second of it. Since his MUN career started, he has participated in more than a dozen of models all over Europe and South America.

He is also the president of UNSA Valencia the MUN association in his hometown. Eduardo is really devoted to MUN as it comprises some of the things he enjoys the most – traveling, getting to meet new people and of course discussing international politics. As a good Spaniard, he highly enjoys socials, so you will most likely meet him there during the conference. Eduardo looks forward to chairing this committee and he is positive this conference will be an amazing experience for everyone.

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