UN Environment Programme (UNEP) – Intermediate Committee

The UNEP sets the global environment agenda and assists developing countries in implementing environmentally sound policies. It plays a significant role in formulating international environmental conventions and treaties. Areas of priority in the UNEP’s work include climate change, environmental disasters and conflicts, chemicals and waste management and ecosystem management.

Topic 1: Addressing the Global Microplastic Problem

Topic 2: Preserving Biodiversity Across National Borders

Your UNEP Chairs


Alex Eaton

Alex is currently undertaking a PhD searching for new high-temperature superconductors at the University of Cambridge, having previously received a Master’s of Physics degree from the University of Manchester. He has been involved in MUN for six years and has been actively engaged with both the European and North American circuits throughout this time.

Outside of MUN, Alex enjoys hiking, tennis, skiing, football refereeing, stargazing and long walks on the beach.

Olga Komorowski

Olga is a 21-year-old Political Science student at the University of Hamburg. She started doing MUN in school when she was 16 and absolutely fell in love with it. Ever since she has travelled around the world to take part in MUNs, get to know new places and meet new people. By now MUN has become a huge part of her life and she would not want to have it any other way. She is beyond excited to chair the UNEP at the OxIMUN and looks forward to interesting debates and amazing socials in a Harry Potter-like scenery.

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