All participants, referred to as “you”, of the Oxford International Model United Nations Conference 2017 (OxIMUN 2017). By applying to attend, and attending OxIMUN 2017 using the Google Form or other means, you accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. While we will try to notify you if we do, we don't want to bury you in spam about changes. The most up-to-date copy of the terms can be found here (our website).

The OxIMUN Secretariat on behalf of the Oxford University Model United Nations Association (OUUNA), a registered society of the University of Oxford. In these Terms and Conditions, they are collectively referred to as “the Secretariat” “we” or “us”.

As a registered society of the University of Oxford, we share the charitable status of the University. We are committed to the charitable aims and objectives in our Constitution, which can be viewed on the OUUNA website.

While we will do our utmost to ensure that OxIMUN 2017 runs smoothly, this cannot be guaranteed. By applying to OxIMUN 2017 you accept that we are not liable for any injury, or loss or damage to property incurred at or connected to OxIMUN 2017.

Nothing in these conditions limits or excludes our responsibility for fraudulent representations made by us or for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or wilful misconduct.

Lots of the venues we use are very old, and so it tends to be quite expensive when something gets broken. By applying to OxIMUN 2017 you accept that you are personally liable for any damage that you cause, and agree to compensate us for any costs and/or penalties we incur as a result of the damage caused. (So please don’t break anything.)

We collect the information that you give us using the application form (Name, University, Email, Visa Status etc.) to organise OxIMUN 2017. It is stored securely on Google Drive and is only accessible to the Secretariat. It will not be passed on to any 3rd party without your permission, except as required by law. The information will be held for no longer than 2 years after it is collected, after which time it will be deleted. (It is held for this period so that the Secretariat of OxIMUN 2018 can see how the current Secretariat ran the applications). If you have any questions related to this policy, please email

Where the Secretary-General excludes a participant for breach of the Code of Conduct, the name of the participant will be recorded and available to future Secretariats. The name of the excluded participant may also be made available to our partner conferences, although it is at their discretion how to use this information.

We do take photographs and video footage at OxIMUN 2017 which are then used in publicity and promotion of future conferences, as well as on our social media accounts. By applying to attend OxIMUN 2017, you agree to potentially having your photograph taken and license us to use your image in any photograph we take for publicity and promotion of OxIMUN 2017 and future conferences. We will not sell but may license the photographs to selected 3rd parties . If you have any questions related to this policy, please email

We are sorry, but we cannot accept applications from anyone under the age of 18 at the start of the conference.

You can apply to participate in OxIMUN 2017 through our website.

If you are applying to be a delegate, or on behalf of a delegation, you should complete the relevant form on our website. Applications are on a first-come, first-served basis and if successful you will receive an email requesting payment after we receive your application. The details of how to pay will be sent in this email.

If you pay by bank transfer the fee is £96 per delegate before July 15, 2017, and £104 per delegate after. If you pay by PayPal a fee will be added to your invoice to cover the transaction fee charged to us to receive your payment. This fee varies by region, and you will be notified of the exact fee when you contact the USG for Finance to request to pay by PayPal.

You must pay the registration fee within 14 days of receiving the email sent to you regarding payment: after this date it is at the discretion of the Secretariat to accept your application. For applications made after 28 July, an administrative charge may be applied for late payment. Payment may be accepted by other means with the prior agreement of the USG for Finance ( Payment must be made in a single transaction in Pounds Sterling (GBP). If you do pay in another currency, you will be charged any costs incurred by us in exchanging the currency to GBP. Payment must account for all bank fees charged for the transaction (if you are unsure of what these are please contact your bank and the USG for Finance).

You will then be notified of your allocation to Committees by email. Decisions made regarding allocations are final, and while we will try to accommodate your preferences we cannot guarantee that these will be met.

You can apply to participate in OxIMUN 2017 through our website.

If you are applying to Chair, you may then be invited to interview with the USG Personnel who will decide whether to accept your application and allocate you to a Committee. If you are accepted as a Chair, you will need to confirm that you still wish to Chair and will have one week to pay the registration fee of £50 by bank transfer. You may choose to pay by PayPal by requesting this payment method from the USG for Finance (, this will incur a fee to cover the charges made to us by PayPal to receive your payment. As these fees vary the USG for Finance will notify you of the fee at the time. The details of how to pay will be sent in the acceptance email. Payment may be accepted by other means with the prior agreement of the USG for Finance (

Payment must be made in a single transaction in Pounds Sterling (GBP). If you do pay in another currency, you will be charged any costs incurred by us in exchanging the currency to GBP. If a confirmation of payment is not received within one week, we will assume that you do not want the position and will offer it to another applicant.

We reserve the right to use any information available in the public domain during this process, as well as the record of excluded delegates from past conferences. All decisions made by the USG Personnel regarding acceptance and allocation are final, although if you have a request or any questions he’s a nice person, and can be contacted at


Not this year! It is included in the registration fee as over 95% of participants bought a social pack at OxIMUN 2016 and it was giving our financial team a real headache organising it all. We know that it looks expensive, but that’s it for conference fees (and it does include a ball at the Ashmolean).

We cannot guarantee to offer a fee waiver or provide monetary assistance to many of those seeking to attend the conference. We strongly recommend that delegates attempt to raise funds from their own university, or by contacting external sponsors directly.

No participant is entitled to a refund. This is because we have to pay for a lot of our venues very early based on the number of people attending. However, if you are unable to attend due to exceptional personal circumstances, or due to being denied a Visa for the UK, please email the Secretary-General who will consider each request on its own merits. The decision of the Secretary-General is final.

Yes, if needed the Secretary General can provide a letter of introduction to support your UK visa application.

However, please be aware that visa decisions are at the discretion of the Embassy or Consulate and we are unable to do anything more than urge them to consider your application favourably.

In the highly unlikely circumstance that OxIMUN 2017 is cancelled after you have made a payment, we will endeavour to refund you the cost of your place within 30 days. However, in this situation something has clearly gone very wrong so we are unable to guarantee such a refund. (This is highly unlikely.)

While we try hard to make sure our websites and social media accounts are accurate and up-to-date, we can’t guarantee that this information is accurate. We also can’t guarantee our websites will always be available (as the company that hosts it doesn’t guarantee this for us). We may also link to external sites not controlled by us, and by using the websites you accept that we are not responsible or liable for the content of these sites. If you have any questions about the accuracy of information on the website please email

The purpose of Model United Nations is to allow many different and often opposing views to be discussed and debated, without fear of harassment. We believe that this can be achieved only if all concerned avoid needlessly offensive or provocative action and language, which is why we require you to use diplomatic language (even if this isn’t used by real-world diplomats). While we encourage you to best represent the interests of the country or organisation you are representing, you must remember that OxIMUN is very diverse, and you should show respect and not violate another person’s dignity. Hate speech and incitement to violence is proscribed under the laws of England and Wales, and anyone found to be inciting hatred or violence will be expelled from the conference, and we may be required to report them to the Police.

As a society registered with the University of Oxford, we have a duty to defend freedom of speech at our events (which is a good thing). We follow the University’s Codes of Practice on Freedom of Speech, available here, and Harassment, available here. By applying attend OxIMUN, you agree to follow these Codes of Practice. Anyone who feels harassed while at OxIMUN should address their concerns to their Chairs or the Secretary-General, who have a duty to implement this Code of Practice.

Alcohol will be served at some of our events as part of the conference. Staff will not serve alcohol to customers who look under 25 without ID showing you are over 18, in accordance with UK licensing laws.
We reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone who appears to be intoxicated, and if we feel that you are disrupting the experience of the other attendees you will be asked to leave the event and possibly be excluded from the conference.
Decisions on removal from an event can be made by any member of staff, while any decision to remove an individual from the conference is made by the Secretary-General and is final.

Smoking is illegal inside public buildings inside England and Wales and many of the colleges we use operate a complete smoking ban. Attendees are expected to abide by these rules at all times.

 All the information and resources available through any of our websites, social media accounts or at the conference in electronic or hard copy is the intellectual property of OUUNA and may not be reproduced or used without the written permission of OUUNA. We may also use copyrighted material under license from the copyright holder, and this material must not be reproduced in any way without the permission of the copyright holder.

However, if you would like any help or to use our resources, please email and we would be happy to help.

Code of Conduct 

All participants in OxIMUN 2017 are required to abide by the rules specified in this document whilst attending the conference in Oxford; to best ensure the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of all involved with proceedings. As an event organised by a student society of the University of Oxford, we are also required to implement the policies and procedures specified in the University’s Codes of Practice for Freedom of Speech and Harassment.  Links to both of these texts can be found above.

To participate in OxIMUN 2017, you must:

1.) Act kindly and courteously towards other participants, without violating the chosen and identified personal boundaries of others.
2.) Display professionalism and integrity at all times, acting fairly and honestly throughout the duration of the conference. All participants are expected to dress in a business-appropriate attire during all committee sessions.
3.) Not engage in criminal activity during the conference, including the handling or consumption of illicit substances.
4.) Not threaten, use violence, or act aggressively against any other participant in the conference. OxIMUN should be a safe environment, a place which all should be able to feel comfortable in.Bullying or intimidation of any kind will not be tolerated.
5.) Respect all other participants; without unfairly discriminating against anyone on the grounds of (dis)ability, age, belief, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
6.) Treat OxIMUN property, resources, and venues appropriately; without ruining the experience of them for other participants.


Additionally, members of secretariat, chairs, and other conference staff shouldn’t act in a manner that brings either them or their role into disrepute over the course of OxIMUN 2017. Our conference has a very prestigious reputation, which we seek to uphold for future sessions of OxIMUN. During the conference, members of staff will try to be accessible to attendees, addressing their concerns adequately and responsibly when needed; acting appropriately and with sensitivity to matters which require confidentiality and privacy.

By taking up a position as a delegate, committee director (chair), or any other role at OxIMUN 2017, you agree to follow this Code of Conduct. Breaches of the rules provided for in this document can result in appropriate sanctions, including being asked to leave the conference in the most serious cases. The Secretary-General has the final decision on all matters related to this Code of Conduct, although they may delegate authority to make judgements relating to it to other members of the OxIMUN Secretariat. The Secretary-General reserves the right to amend this document if necessary at any time.

In order to help you find accommodation in Oxford during the conference the Secretariat has paid for a number of rooms that you can buy off us at cost. When you book accommodation through us you will be able to see the various locations and room types that we have to offer. Some rooms of the same type and same hotel have different prices, this reflects the cost of booking the rooms at the hotel. All booking is first-come, first-served and once you have booked accommodation you will receive an invoice from us for the lowest price available for the room(s) you have booked. This must be paid within 7 days, if you do not pay within this time your booking will be cancelled to allow others to book the rooms instead.

All accommodation includes breakfast, this is non-negotiable. All accommodation is shared. Where possible we will ensure that you are sharing with applicants of the same sex, unless you are booking as a delegation -this is then the responsibility of your head delegate. Some accommodation is in mixed dormitories, in these cases it is possible that you will be sharing with participants of the opposite sex. You can ask to share with a particular person, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to place you together unless you place your booking together.

When booking you agree to follow the Terms and Conditions of the hotel or hostel, available on their website and from us on request. You also release OxIMUN from liability for any damage caused to the rooms to the greatest extent allowable by law. You agree to pay all charges, penalties and fees surcharged to OxIMUN as a result of your conduct, behaviour or negligence in and around the hotel (so please try not to break or damage anything).

If you need to cancel your booking please let us know as soon as possible. We will only be able to refund you if we are able to sell your room to someone else. Only participants in OxIMUN 2017 may book rooms through the Secretariat.

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