Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL)

The Special Political and Decolonization Committee, otherwise known as the Fourth General Assembly Committee, engages with a variety of problems but mainly focusing peacekeeping and decolonization related issues. The committee provides an International Forum for Member to States to discuss issues relating to atomic radiation, review of peacekeeping operations, and international cooperation in outer space.

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Introducing your chairs...

SPECPOL_Aida Marinaki Headshot

Aida Marinaki

Aida is a second year Law student at the University of Surrey. She began participating in MUN as a high school student and since then she has served as a committee director and a secretariat member in various MUN conferences in the United Kingdom and Greece. She has also chaired and organised international and regional fora of the European Youth Parliament in France, Austria, Armenia, Spain, Azerbaijan and Lativa, and received awards in debate tournaments.

She is honoured and excited to be part of the OxIMUN chairs team and looks forward to chairing the Special Political and Decolonization Committee.

SPECPOL - Julia Milis

Julia Milis

Julia is a 19 year old Belgian who is currently in her second year of studying PPE at the University of Sussex. She started her Model UN career in high school and is now President of the MUN society at Sussex. As such, MUN isn’t just her passion but also often a big part of her work every day. She has MUNed in Germany, the US and the UK. She is looking forward to chairing at this year’s OxiMUN conference and is honored to be part of such an inspiring and prestigious event. One of the reasons MUN is so special to her is because it enables people from all over the world with completely different backgrounds to come together and share a mesmerizing experience filled with intellectual stimulation, new encounters and positive memories. She truly hopes you will have a good time during this conference and will do her best to bring you closer to the world of MUN. But pay attention – once you love it, it’s impossible to stop…

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