Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

OPEC is an intergovernmental organisation of 13 countries that seeks to homogenise the petroleum policies of member states and stabilise global oil markets. It has attracted extensive criticism for acting as a cartel and reducing competition in oil markets, and its control over the oil sector has made the organisation a key player in international relations; especially concerning the Middle East. However, technological developments in non-oil energy production are beginning to reduce OPEC’s influence on the global stage. This means that we are currently seeing an interesting time in the history of OPEC, due to the organisation’s need to innovate in response to such challenges.

Topic A: Aftermath of the Venezuelan political crisis

Meet your chairs


Dominic Weatherby

Dominic is in his first year reading for a BA in History and English at St Peter’s College. He first got involved with MUN at a neighbouring school four years ago, and having since taken part as a delegate in various MUNs and debating conferences including SLN and GYLC, he is looking forward to the new challenge of chairing a committee.

He wishes all the delegates the best of luck and looks forward to meeting them at OxiMUN.




Cristina Abellan Bustos

Hello everyone, my name is Cristina Abellan and I study at Leiden University College The Hague, in the Netherlands, where I am pursuing a double major in International Justice and World Politics. I started MUN five years ago in high school. Since then, I have been taken part in MUN conferences as delegate, Chair or member of the Secretariat. Additionally, I also spent a Summer at Georgetown University taking courses on American Politics and Foreign Affairs.

I entered the university MUN circuit two years ago while studying in Barcelona by participating in four conferences as a delegate; since then on, I have moved to be part of Chairing and Secretariat teams across Europe and Asia. This will be my first time participating in OxIMUN and I hope we are able to have a very fruitful and enjoyable debate with the delegates of OPEC. 

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