United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Its members originally stemming from the developing countries composing the Non Aligned Movement and then the Conference on Problems for Developing Countries in 1964 came together under the mandate of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. It mainly works to champion prosperity for its members and integrate them into the mechanisms of trade, investment, and development on an equitable basis. As a permanent UN intergovernmental body UNCTAD in OxIMUN  aside from conducting negotiations within its own committee will be working towards a grander final resolution. Rather than producing a final resolution which solely reflects its efforts UNCTAD, like the G20, will be producing a resolution which attempts to reflect the discussions being had throughout the weekend by all Intermediate Committees. However, due to its commitment to equitable international development, not just the protection of global financial interests its mandate will contrast that of the G20 in this regard.

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Introducing your chairs...

UNCTAD_Helena Granik

Helena Granik

Helena is a final year Modern Languages student at the University of Exeter. Last year, while on exchange at Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), she decided to take her MUN skills up a notch. Her MUN career has since taken her to France, Germany, Spain and Israel as well as the UK. She is also the recipient of the coveted Diplomacy Award at London International Model United Nations 2019, Internal Training Officer at the University of Exeter Model United Nations Society, blog contributor to HelpmyMUN.com and a member of the HamMUN 2019 Academics Team.

Helena attended her first conference at HamMUN 2018, where she was the Delegate of Afghanistan in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. She was inspired by the chairs and this positive experience turned Model UN from an on-and-off side activity to something she decided to try again more seriously. As a Chair, Helena hopes to similarly enrich others’ MUN journey.

Outside MUN, Helena is a not-so-closet Harry Potter and MARVEL fan and an avid reader of all things to do with International Relations, Soviet identity, and Soviet and Post-Soviet foreign policy. She has appeared on student TV as a political commentator and interned in the British Government as a Civil Servant. She also speaks three languages fluently and has even hosted two radio programmes: one on French Pop and the other on Acoustic Hits of the 90s. Playlists are available upon request.

UNCTAD - Tobias Hin

Tobias Hinderks

Tobias is a 23-year-old Law Student at the University of Hamburg, specializing in the Law of IT and Media. Chairing the UNCTAD at OxIMUN 2019 will be his fourth time chairing and his fourteenth time participating in a Model United Nations Conference overall. He is looking forward to chairing this year’s United Nations Commission for Trade and Development and excited to see the progress you all will make during the conference. Back in Hamburg he organises the Hamburg Model United Nations Conference.

MUN, dear participants, is a chance to evolve and learn, to succeed challenges you would normally not even face. Therefore, it’s my honour to invite you to Oxford where I at least expect two things from every one of my distinguish delegates: Work hard, party hard!

Looking forward to meet you in Oxford!

Committee email: unctad2019@oximun.org

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