International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

The ICC is the world’s largest business organization representing 45 million companies in over 100 countries. Unlike a standard committee defending the interests of nation-states the ICC’s narrative and agenda is defined by the private enterprises which compose its membership. Its member companies and associations main activities are dispute resolution, policy advocacy and rule setting, and due to the direct engagement of members in international business the ICC is seen as having a pivotal role and largely unrivaled authority over the global conduct of private interests.

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Introducing your chairs...

ICC_Gibran Hamrouni Cases Pic

Gibran Hamrouni Cases

Gibran is a second-year Economics student at University of Bristol. He first became involved with MUN in 2017 and has been both a delegate and a chair in conferences across the UK and the Middle East. Gibran is the current president for BrisMUN and is proud to be its first Secretary-General.

Outside of MUN, Gibran has a keen interest in the modern geopolitics and the current state of the world economy. To that end he has attended various international conferences, including one organised by the OECD. He also writes articles for a student newspaper called International Discourse and for the Financial Times.

ICC_Henry Wade

Henry Wade

Henry Wade is a third year Politics and International Studies student at the University of Warwick and Director of the International Chamber of Commerce for Oxford International Model United Nations 2019.

He was born in France but having lived mainly in the Netherlands and Germany and being a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and France, he experienced a wide variety of different cultures which has allowed him to develop an open-mind and curiosity in current affairs. 

He started MUN-ing in 2017 and has since both delegated and chaired in multiple conferences across the world. For Oxford International Model UN 2019, he hopes to see strong debates and creative solutions emerging from the unique structure of the ICC. 

When he is not doing anything MUN related, he likes discussing the world, spending time with friends, taking pictures and go for a run.

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