Joint Cabinet Crisis

Unlike regular MUN Committees, the Joint Cabinet Crisis operates in a more fast paced and dynamic manner with each delegate representing a character within a historical time period rather than a nation. Previous crises editions at OxIMUN include the Italian Wars of 1498 and the First Crusade. JCC topics are extensive and of a more diverse nature – topics can be historical, security-based, or even economic. In OxIMUN, the JCC will feature three cabinets and will run akin to UK-style crises.

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Introducing your directors...

Director_Atakan Yurdakul

Atakan Yurdakul

Atakan, currently in his third year at the UK, is studying History BA at the University of Nottingham. Born and raised in Turkey, his MUN career started there several years ago during his high school years. After being introduced to the deep, dark hole called crisis committees, he has started to participate Model UN conferences around the world and eventually ended up as the person in charge of the academics for his university’s conference, NottsMUN’19.

After chairing one of the crisis cabinets in last year’s OxIMUN, he has returned as one of the Crisis Directors for this year’s edition. While doing everything in his power to be able to provide the best crisis experience possible this year, he sincerely hopes that you will enjoy the brand-new crisis topic with unique features he and his colleague have been preparing for you. He hopes to see you all in a few months and wishes you good luck in advance!

Director_Martin Kirsch Pic

Martin Kirsch

Martin is a master’s student studying International Relations at the University of Warwick, having just completed his undergraduate degree at the University of York. He started MUN in his second year, at YorkMUN 2018, at has been heavily involved in the UK crisis circuit ever since. OxIMUN 2018, in fact, marked the first time he ever chaired at a conference, and he is therefore immensely pleased to return to this year’s OxIMUN. Being prone to fall victim to the occasional assassination plot as crisis chair, Martin is both relieved and grateful to now
watch others suffer this fate.
Outside of MUN, Martin enjoys reading both fiction and non-fiction books, discussing anything over a nice bottle of dry white wine, and running. Unfortunately, he has also developed the bad habit of adopting English phrases and idioms from his friends to then mis- and overuse them in various contexts. He is looking forward to bringing OxIMUN’s crisis back to a conflict that has been foundational for the writing of history itself, and how delegates will write their own one.

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Introducing your chairs...

Chair_Sara Fay

Sara Fay

Hey everyone! My name is Sara Fay and I will be your President of the Historical Security Council this CUIMUN! I am about to enter my fourth year at the University of St Andrews in Scotland but I’m originally from San Francisco California over in the US. MUN has been a part of my life for the last eight years, which, if you do the math, is more than a third of my life. Thankfully, I don’t usually do math to come to those conclusions since my degree is International Relations and History. In terms of hobbies I really enjoy not sleeping, reading, drinking coffee, and not going to the gym. I apologize in advance for all the history jokes I’m probably going to make that you’re probably not going to laugh at. Well I don’t really mean that apology because I’m still going to make the jokes but you get what I mean. Anyways, I could not be more excited to welcome you all to what is sure to be a fantastic weekend at OxIMUN 2019 so see you then!

Chair_Sultan Kazi

Sultan Kazi

Sultan recently graduated from the University of Surrey where he studied Law with International Relations and co-founded the University of Surrey Model UN Society. Sultan has been active in MUN since 2010 and he is excited to be attending his fourth OXIMUN which will also be his 49th MUN conference! Sultan is a Pakistani national however, he has spent little time there as he grew up in Bosnia & Herzegovina and later lived in Khartoum, Sudan under UN missions and eventually moved to the UK for higher education. As a result, Sultan considers himself a citizen of the world. Sultan loves photography and you might spot him with his camera at the socials! Sultan also has a passion for history which is the primary reason why he enjoys Historical Crisis and also loves to further that passion through video games which have a historical focus or themes such as Europa Universalis IV and the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Sultan will be happy and eager to meet all of you at OXIMUN should you run into him!

Elena Vollmer

Originally from Germany and Italy, Elena is a graduate student at the University of Oxford in Keble College, majoring in Financial Economics. She completed two Bachelors in the Netherlands in Econometrics and Economics. Having started Model United Nations in High School, she participated successfully as a delegate in several conferences including Oxford and Harvard. In recent years, she decided to continue with chairing at
several European conferences. 

She is honoured to be the Crisis Chair of the Athens Cabinet at OxIMUN 2019 and she is looking forward to meeting you all in October!


Crisis Chair - Perth

Perth Ophaswonge

Perth is a final year IR student at the university of Edinburgh. This is his second time doing OxIMUN and he looks forward to meeting you all!

Introducing your Backroom...

Backroom_Adam Stewart

Adam Stewart

Hi, my name is Adam and I am a history & politics student from the University of East Anglia. Since starting university I have become an avid MUN participant with a big passion for Crisis having carried them at out at every one of the conferences I have attended in my short time on the circuit. I have delegated at Warwick, Kent and now TEImun and have chaired at Westminster, Zurich and now I will be backrooming for you in this most ancient of arenas. I look forward to helping make this one of the best crises Oxford has ever seen.​

Backroom_Annie Hartley

Annie Hartley

Annie Ghandhi Hartley is in her final year studying History & Politics at the University of Warwick and is British with Indian, specifically Zoroastrian, heritage. She was introduced to the world of MUN at Trinity College Dublin in 2017 with an internal crisis simulation. At Warwick she has participated on the UK and international circuit as everything from delegate to cabinet director, chair, WoMUN admin and is this year’s Secretary General for WarMUN 2019. Annie works part-time in a Michelin starred restaurant and in her spare time enjoys the odd black tie gala or religiously following her head of history’s (Prof. Rebecca Earle) weekly potato quotes.​

Backroom_Charie Tsoukalas Pic

Charie Tsoukalas

Charie is a fourth-year undergraduate student in Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. Although she was born and raised in Indiana, USA, she is of Greek descent and has been living in Athens since 2013. In Athens, she attended a Catholic Greek-French high school which is where she was introduced to the MUN scene. Since then she has participated in five conferences and although her experience is brief, she is nonetheless passionate for it. Apart from MUN and engineering, she has just completed her sixth year of classical training and hopes to one day be able to realize her dream of becoming a lyric soprano. She speaks Greek, English, and French and some of her passions include: playing piano, listening to golden oldies, reading poetry, and getting in a good workout every now and then. OXIMUN 2019 will be her second time as a member of backroom staff and she is very much looking forward to it!

Backroom_Jonas Bokelmann Headshot

Jonas Bokelmann

Jonas is an undergraduate student at the London School of Economics studying Management. OxIMUN will be his second time participating in a crisis and his first time backrooming, which he is very excited about. Most importantly, after months of hearing about this cool new crisis software called “Master of Disaster” that seems to be taking the UK by storm, he is curious to actually try it out himself.

Jonas has attended over 20 MUN conferences in his life and is looking forward to OxIMUN 2019.  

Outside of MUN, Jonas likes to make bad jokes, read up on all kinds of historical stories and useless facts, and listen to really, really bad music. To give you a sample of the kind of facts Jonas likes to look up, he has included a selection, such as the fact there are more plastic garden flamingos than actual flamingos and that During WWII, the US army had a project to develop missiles guided by pigeons. Jonas also takes these bios very seriously and so hopes everyone reads his!

Backroom_Michael Bornholdt

Michael Bornholdt

Michael Bornholdt completed his B.Sc. of Physics from the University of Hamburg and will begin his Master’s in Computational Science and Engineering at the TUM this October. With his dual German and US citizenship, he has always gravitated towards an international perspective. Thus, his enthusiasm for natural sciences and geopolitics has motivated him to spend time studying abroad: at Imperial College London, in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and in Perth, Australia.

Michael loves to organize events for various student organizations which keeps him busy and in his free time he indulges in playing cards in English pubs. Alternatively, he likes to keep fit with fencing or volleyball and enjoys hiking in the mountains.

Michael’s MUN experience is closely linked to the leadership program be-boosted and most notably includes LIMUN and WorldMUN. He now is looking forward to applying his creativity and organizational skills to create the best Crisis experience at OxIMUN.

Kyle Bolan

Kyle studies Business and Enterprise Management at Sheffield Hallam University.
He is in his third year and plans to start up his owner business after university. In
terms of Model United Nations, he started at the beginning of his second year and has got more involved ever since. Having chaired just under 10 times, been a
secretariat member and even involved in setting organising a new conference.
He has a wide range of interests that include but exclusive to cooking, mixology and rugby. The reason for his interest in Model United Nations is that he is interested in learning more about other cultures and widening his perspective on geopolitics. He believes it is important to have a wide range of knowledge and skills so you can adopt to our every changing world. He is looking forward to meeting everyone at the conference and hopes it will be a amazing conference.

Backroom_Maxwell Hammer

Maxwell Hammer

Max is a second-year student at the London School of Economics and will be a member of the JCC backroom for OxiMUN 2019. Max first became involved in MUN in Year 9, and has served in different positions at conferences throughout Europe. Max started getting involved in Crisis as a delegate at OxiMUN 2018, and is excited to continue his Crisis involvement.


Aside from MUN, Max is heavily involved in several political societies at LSE (though he won’t say which ones to avoid the hate) and edits the LSE Amnesty International human rights journal. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, writing, and/or getting into political arguments at cheap pubs.

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