The World Bank

Despite the World Bank’s ambitious goal of eradicating global poverty it has been mired by international dissent and criticism for its policy implementation and disrespect for human rights and the complex realities of development. Its Board of Governors, representing 189 countries, will have to reevaluate the way the World Bank has largely defined the mandate of international development in order to adapt to necessary reforms. For OxiMUN the World Bank will also be acting as the Financial Body for Intermediate committees. It will thus be acting on its other main competence which is often neglected in MUN that of finalizing national budgets and approving financial proposals (loans, credits, grants, investments, and guarantees). This will be done via exercising the functions of its financial institutions which work to lend and finance national development policies internationally.

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Introducing your chairs...


Alex Yean

Alex is a second-year law student at Oxford. He has done around a dozen MUNs across 3 continents, and served as Head Chair of the Historical Security Council at OXIMUN last year.

In real life he has an interest in public international law and financial regulation, but he is likelier to work for a bank than for the UN. He shoots guns whenever he’s stressed, which happens so often that he became captain of the Oxford University Pistol Club.

He also enjoys playing poker, snooker, and chess, and would be delighted to accept challenges from any interest delegates.

WB - Anastasia

Anastasia Semenova

Anastasia Semenova studies International Economic Relations and Banking Business at the Moscow Institute of International Relations. She is delighted to be chairing World Bank and can’t wait to meet all of you at the conference!

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