What is Interconnectivity?

No committee is an island. Just as delegates from the same country operate under a shared foreign policy in real life, delegates in the Intermediate and Advanced committees will be responsible not only for passing resolutions within committees, but for proposing policies, treaties and projects across them. Events, resolutions and decisions undertaken in one committee will impact others in real-time. However, the structures of interconnectivity in the Intermediate and Advanced committees are separate. For example, intermediate delegates from the same country would work together, but they would not be affiliated with their counterparts in the advanced committees. 

Interconnectivity is to be delegate-driven. Delegates from the same country will be put into contact with each other prior to the conference and will be expected to maintain constant communication once the conference begins, especially through delegation meetings. They must balance committee and national interests, while executing something like a cohesive foreign policy; this entails brokering treaties with other delegations, pursuing projects and managing the resources available to each country (see The Financial System). Delegates from these assemblies will be kept up to date on discussions in other committees through the Press Corps 1.0 and 2.0.



Role of G20 and UNSC

The G20 and UNSC assemblies will work towards grand resolutions that reflect not only the deliberations of their own respective committees, but of the discussions and achievements across all the Intermediate committees. The G20 will focus on building international financial stability within a forum for central bank governors and heads of state, while UNSC will seek to facilitate international development.

Conference managers:

To assist in the operations of the conference and manage interconnectivity, we had appointed three conference managers. Each will be in charge of either the beginner, intermediate or advance committees and will oversee the functioning of these committees.

Alex Denny

Alex is a 3rd Year Archaeology student at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. 

He started participating in Model United Nations at school, making OxIMUN 2019 his 28 – 30th conference (he’s lost count). Alex was most recently President of Security Council at HamMUN 2018, and has also been a Committee Director at OxIMUN for the past 2 years. 

This year, he moves away from chairing to the heights of being a “conference manager”, although he has no idea what that actually means.

Outside of MUN, Alex enjoys taking any opportunity to avoid doing academic work. This usually takes the form of playing poker or spending an unhealthy amount of time clubbing.

Valentina Buccoliero Headshot

Valentina Buccoliero

Valentina is a 3rd year International Relations Brazilian-Italian student at King’s College London. As the Conference Manager for the Financial Institutions, she will be helping OxIMUN’s interconnectivity systems run with regards to the IMF and the World Bank. 

While Valentina’s MUN career began back in high school, it really gained traction in the UK where she had the opportunity to attend several MUNs, including OxIMUN 2017. 

Outside of MUN, Valentina teaches debate and enjoys Muay Thai, shopping in the homeware section, coming up with new expressions to confuse her friends and being a plant mom.

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