International Monetary Fund (IMF) – Advanced Committee

Established in 1945 at the Bretton Woods Conference, the IMF is an international organisation of 189 Member States seeking to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability and facilitate international trade. The IMF’s primary purpose is to ensure the stability of the international monetary system. In OxIMUN, the IMF will simulate the annual IMF Annual Meeting.

Topic 1: Rethinking the Washington Consensus

Topic 2: Regulation of Shadow Banking

Your IMF Chairs

Tan Yan Shen - Headshot

Tan Yan Shen

Yan Shen is a first-year law student at Mansfield College, Oxford University. Hailing from the sunny island of Singapore, Yan Shen has participated in more than 25 MUNs, with half of that number spent in crisis councils and backrooms running a parallel universe.

Outside of MUN, Yan Shen spends his limited free time playing and listening to music while procrastinating. He can be reached at tanyanshen@gmail.comfor delegates with enquiries regarding the issues to be discussed during the conference or with free food vouchers to share (preferably the latter).


Freddie Mallinson - Headshot

Freddie Mallinson

Freddie is a second-year Politics and International Relations student at The University of Kent. Having attended OxiMUN 2017 as a delegate in the WTO, he is thrilled to be returning as Director of the IMF in 2018. In addition to various roles in conferences since he was 16, he served as Secretary General for KentMUN in March 2018. Freddie is also leading the Young Liberals Society at his university.

Having grown up in Oxford all his life, Freddie will be delighted to welcome all delegates to city and its beautiful university. Do not hesitate to ask him for restaurant and pub recommendations! 

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