International Monetary Fund (IMF)

The International Monetary Fund is an organisation consisting of 189 countries dedicated to promoting international trade, financial stability and sustainable growth. It does this by overseeing the international monetary system, providing loans to countries with large deficits and advising governments on how to develop modernised economic institutions. Mimicking this function, the IMF will be acting as OxiMUN’s Financial Body for the Advanced committees by finalising national budgets and approving financial proposals.

Introducing your chairs...

IMF_Johannes Giavridis

Johannes Giavridis

Johannes, or Jannis as everybody calls him, is a 21-year old Grecogerman in the final year of his BSc in Management and European Business. He recently handed in his dissertation on the subject of Income Inequality and GDP and is currently doing his final internship in the Financial Services division of Accenture Consulting in Munich.

Jannis is the oldest of four siblings and was raised in Greece, where he graduated from the German School of Athens. Since the age of 13 MUN has been a defining factor in his personal development. He is obsessed with analytical work, so naturally his greatest hobby outside from MUN is playing chess. Jannis has yet to find his place in the professional world, but the thrill of continuous challenges is something he does not want to let go of. 

Jannis can do a ballerina split and everyone who shows up late in his committee will be forced to perform one. Besides that he can be reached at

IMF_Joseph Mensah

Joseph Mensah

Joseph Mensah was born and raised in Ghana and has had the exceptional privilege of living in St. Petersburg, New Jersey, Washington DC, Bonn, Berlin and Copenhagen over the past years. He works for the United Nations and has a keen interest in international development, diplomacy, culture and art.
Joseph has taken up a great spectrum of roles at some of the world’s finest simulations of international organizations – inter alia Model UN and Model EU in Saint Petersburg, Accra, Lagos, Yaoundé, Cambridge, London, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Oxford, Sofia, Moscow, New York, Zurich, Durham, Boston, London, Edinburgh and a few other thrilling cities.
As a UN employee, he has had the exceptional privilege of meeting and interacting with people from almost every country of the world and this has shaped his perspective of international and cultural relations. 

During his free time, he enjoys hiking and taking aerial photos and videos with his Mavic 2 Pro. 

Joseph is delighted to see that you are drawn to the intellectual challenge of tackling the problems of the international community. This goes without saying that he is excited about the exceptional pleasure of meeting you all in October.

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