International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The International Court of Justice is the primary judicial branch of the United Nations. Its role is to settle legal disputes that cannot be resolved at the national level, as well as to provide advisory opinions on legal matters submitted to it by UN organisations for consideration. Being composed of fifteen judges from different states, the composition of the ICJ is geographically diverse. Although the power of the Court to act on pressing issues is seen as insufficient by many people, the UN Security Council is able to enforce rulings of the ICJ under the provisions of the United Nations Charter. However, the use of vetoes on the Security Council has led to difficulties in the implementation of the rulings of the ICJ, most notably in the famous Nicaragua v. United States case.

Topic A: Case concerning the Rwandan genocide (DRC v Rwanda)

Topic B: Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Croatia v. Serbia)


Meet your chairs

Ananya Singh Bhadauria

Dear delegates,

My name is Ananya Singh Bhadauria and am currently pursuing M.A.(Hons) International Relations and Law at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. I have lived in around 34 places and changed 11 schools in my student life to give me enough travelling experience on my own. I am currently a resident of Nepal and live in the United Kingdom. I have experience varying in debating and chairing MUNs all around the world, to working for human and voting rights with the United Nations, SAARC, Indian Parliament, US AID along with working for the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India to even working with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Hence, it is safe to say that global affairs are amongst the things that pique my interest the most. Other than that- Chai, Asian food and being punctual are somethings that are on the top of my priority list and come before anything else.

But apart from everything else, I am honoured to be serving as your President for the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for OxiMUN 2017 and would like to warmly welcome you all to this wonderful experience. Hope to see you all soon!

Lodovica Bellora

Lodovica is currently a third-year Law student at the University of Milan. She is interested in political and juridical issues both at national and international level and she would like to combine these interests with her studies. Having started Model United Nations during high school, she has participated as a delegate, judge and chair in several conferences around Europe such as LIMUN HS, MEDMUN, ZuMUN and BerlInMUN where she won the Best Position Paper award. She has always been keen on justice and law, analysing lawsuits among different States and debate on current issues that tackle problems which are truly relevant nowadays. She hopes to transmit her enthusiasm for this conference and encourage judges and advocates to take the greatest advantage of it.

She is deeply honoured to be the President of the International Court of Justice at OxIMUN 2017 and she is looking forward to meeting you all in November!

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