International Court of Justice (ICJ) - Advanced Committee

The International Court of Justice, seated in The Hague, is the foremost judicial body of the United Nations. Its 15 judges settle disputes between countries according to international law, including such cases as the Obligation to Negotiate Access to the Pacific Ocean (Bolivia v. Chile) and Whaling in the Antarctic (Australia v. Japan). At OxiMUN, the presentation of cases and examination of witnesses function in a similar way to mooting, but with a much greater focus on the deliberation of cases between judges.

Introducing your chairs...

Saskia Millmann

Saskia Millmann is 27 years old and currently pursues a PhD in International Law at the University of Glasgow in her third year. She works on an interdisciplinary project analysing how non-member states can engage with an international organisation, using the League of Nations as an object of investigation. Previously, she graduated with an LLM in International Law from the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Jewish History from the University of Munich. For her undergraduate studies, she read both Law and History and has since laid a focus on Public International Law and Jewish History.


Saskia has been passionate about MUN since she first attended a High School MUN in 2010 and participated in over 50 conferences by now. She particularly enjoys ICJ simulations but is also active within Crisis. OxIMUN 2019 will be her seventh time chairing the ICJ, and her third time chairing this committee at OxIMUN. She looks forward to having the chance to chair this exciting committee in Oxford again.

ICJ_Tan Yan Shen

Tan Yan Shen

Yan Shen is a second-year law student at Mansfield College, University of Oxford. He began his MUN journey 8 years ago and has participated in about 30 MUN conferences, with half of that number spent running parallel universes in crisis councils and backrooms. 

Outside of MUN, Yan Shen is the President of the Mansfield College Law Society and the Lawyers Without Borders Oxford Student Division. He has a soft spot for classical music and spends his (non-existent) free time playing and listening to music. Should delegates have any enquiries on the International Court of Justice for OXIMUN or have any free food vouchers to share (the latter is preferred), please contact Yan Shen at

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