International Court of Justice (ICJ) – Advanced Committee

The ICJ, being a principal judicial organ of the UN, is charged with the settlement of legal disputes between UN member states. The ICJ also offers advisory opinions to authorised UN bodies and specialised agencies. It has judged on a wide range of legal cases in the past, including United Kingdom v. Albania over the Corfu Channel and Nicaragua v. United States over the US’ support of the Contras. The Court is composed of 15 judges, headed by the president and vice-president of the Court, and assisted by the Registrar.


As far as possible, the OxIMUN ICJ will be run in accordance with the official Rules of Procedure of the Court. It is essential that judges, and the presidents in particular, are familiar with all relevant sections and articles of these rules. However, within that framework, the chairing team will be allowed quite broad discretion concerning the conduct of the case. All judges are expected to remain strictly impartial and must not try to engage in their own external research beyond the evidence presented in Court and the Study Guides provided by the chairing team.

Case: India v. Pakistan

Your ICJ Directors

Saskia Millmann - Headshot

Saskia Millman, President

Saskia Millmann is 26 years old and currently studies for a PhD in International Law at the University of Glasgow. She holds degrees in Law, International Law and Jewish History and focusses on General Public International Law and Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Her thesis focusses on how non-member states can participate in International Organisations. Saskia has been an active MUNer since 2010 and participated in over 50 conferences so far. She is particularly fond of Court simulations, as well as Crisis committees. This will be her second time presiding over the ICJ at OxiMUN.


Frederica Vitale, Vice President

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you in the ICJ’s committee this year. My name is Federica Vitale and I am an Italian Law student currently studying in Scotland with a great passion in International Law. I am an active participant of MUNs and I had the honour to chair the ICJ before as its President. I am looking forward to meeting you as the Vice President of the International Court of Justice at OxIMUN this year!

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