International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The International Atomic Energy Agency aims to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy, inhibiting its use for military purposes (specifically in the development of nuclear weapons) in the process. Established independently of the United Nations in 1957, the IAEA retains close relations with both the UN General Assembly and the Security Council, reporting to both when needed. Principally, the IAEA provides an intergovernmental forum for the discussion of issues related to nuclear technology; encouraging cooperation on the development of peaceful technologies and promoting the formation of international safeguards against the misuse of nuclear materials. In 2005, the IAEA was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, in conjunction with its then-director Mohamed ElBaradei.

Topic A: The question of reliable atomic energy performance under accident or disaster conditions

Topic B: The question of supressing acts of nuclear terrorism


Meet your chairs

Alex Denny

Alex is a 1st year Archaeology student at the university of Cambridge. Alex joined his school Model United Nations team in sixth form, after being interested in foreign relations and the United Nations for years. It quickly became his passion, with his favourite committees becoming Disarmament and Security Council. Additionally, Alex contributed to establishing two conferences at his school, acting as Head Chair of Disarmament at the first conference, and Deputy Security General and President of Security Council at the second.

Alex enjoys the chances for developing consensus and exploring diplomatic perspectives in MUN, in addition to the public speaking opportunities available. As the member of a secretariat for both his school and currently Cambridge University, Alex has worked closely as part of several teams to deliver high calibre and well attended conferences.

Alex has especially enjoyed meeting figures such as Nick Clegg and Vince Cable at MUN conferences (why are all guest speakers Lib Dems?), and outside of MUN enjoys discussing politics, water sports such as scuba diving, and an unhealthy amount of clubbing.


James Prescott

I am James Prescott your co-chair for IAEA at OxiMUN 2017. I would be a final year philosophy, politics, and economics student here at the University of Manchester, but am taking a year away from my studies.

I’ve been involved on the MUN circuit since 2013 when I started a PPE undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester. I’ve mostly been involved in crisis games rather than in GA style committees having first been involved in a crisis committee at LeedsMUN 2015.

Outside of MUN I am interested in travelling, cooking and board games.


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