European Council.

Despite having very limited formal powers of its own, the European Council acts as the strategic forum for European Union (EU) member states to guide the political directions and objectives of the union. Given its role in crisis management, meetings of the European Council have often represented historic moments in the history of the European Union, and consequently contemporary European history as a whole.

Topic A: Negotiating the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union according to Art. 50 (2) TEU en detail (brexit)

Topic B: European Strategies on Environmental politics


Meet your chairs

Moritz Franz Adam

My name is Moritz F. Adam, I am 20 years of age and a finalist in Theology and Religion at Mansfield College, Oxford. This year it my role at the OxIMUN conference to preside over the European Council, which is a committee primarily conducted in German.

Initially I began participating in Model United Nations conferences at my home conference in Oldenburg, Germany, during secondary school, where I have been  part of the organising team of the local conference, OLMUN, since 2014. Since then I have partaken in numerous conferences in different positions and enjoyed to have been able to experience this very intriguing format of debating from various perspectives. This year I shall attend my second OxIMUN conference after having been a delegate in last year’s session.

Besides my interest in Model UN conferences, I enjoy volunteering in different contexts such as the Oxford Theology Society or on the board of my faculty. Moreover, I represent my university in sporting competition against Cambridge, namely on the Oxonian handball team. In my free time I like thinking about Old Testament theology, interacting socially, reading and playing the piano.


Jan Fleischmann

Hi guys, my name is Jan Fleischmann and I am going to be one of your chairs for European Council. Born and raised in Germany, currently I am studying law at Free University of Berlin in my fourth year, but last academic year I took a year abroad as an ERASMUS student at the University of Birmingham. The major area which I am focused on is ‘internationalisation of the legal system’, which contains modules in international law, European law and comparative law.

I have already attended a few MUNs, including last year’s OxiMUN, CUIMUN and ScotMUN. As a chair, OxiMUN 2017 will be my fourth experience. I encourage you all to get to know all your fellow delegates (and chairs!) and keep in touch after the conference; you’ll never know where you will meet again!

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