UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) – Intermediate Committee

ECOSOC, a principal organ of the UN, serves as the central platform for the discussion of international economic, social and environmental issues and the formulation of policy recommendations for Member States and the UN system. It focuses primarily on advancing sustainable development, while also strengthening the coordination of UN humanitarian efforts. Recent topics of discussion have included poverty eradication and the implementation of the post-2015 SDGs.



Topic 1: Redefining property rights as a means to promote economic development in countries with large informal economies

Topic 2: Addressing the global opioid epidemic

Your ECOSOC Chairs

Prashant Garg - Headshot

Prashant Garg

Hi, I’m Prashant. Starting with my academic pursuits: I’m a masters student in UCL, reading economics. I plan to keep studying something similar for a few more years until they call me a doctor. As for MUN, it has opened my perspectives to many different ideas, peoples, responsibilities, and places: it is one of the important hobbies of mine. Many greatest interests include contemplation, the sport I play is poetry, and in my spare time I attempt to practice both hedonism and stoicism.

Panagiotis Apollon Thomopolous - Headshot

Panagiotis Apollon Thomopolous

Apollon is a second-year student at Sciences Po Paris – Reims Campus majoring in Economics and Sociology. Passionate about politics, economics and technology, he spends most of his free time teaching himself Computer Science and subtly networking. His involvment in MUN began four years ago in The Hague, Netherlands, and he has since then served as a delegate and a chair for multiple conferences in Europe and Asia.

He is deeply excited to chair this year’s ECOSOC, and is probably more approachable than he seems!
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