Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN).

As the second of the six main standing committees of the United Nations General Assembly, ECOFIN provides a forum for the discussion of all manner of economic and financial issues in all parts of the world. Macroeconomic issues of economic development and growth have long been central to ECOFIN’s programmes of work, which have covered various policy areas including globalisation management, international debt, and poverty eradication over the years.

Topic A: External debt sustainability and international financial system

Topic B: The use of Money Laundering to fund Terrorist Groups


Meet your chairs

Waleed Shahid

Hailing from Lahore, Pakistan, Waleed is a junior at National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences; majoring in Business Administration. For him, it is a matter of mammoth honor to serve as the Chair for United Nation’s Economic and Financial Committee at University of Oxford’s Model UN Conference. Currently, Waleed is also serving as the Public Speaking Instructor at Lahore College of Arts & Sciences (LACAS). In his years ahead, he plans onto pursuing Diplomatic roles for his country’s Foreign Office.

He strongly believes that a student should pursue Model-UN as an academic compulsion, as it instills patience, negotiating skills, confidence to interact, and acts as a drill that enables one to confront issues at hand on a global level. This entails gaining knowledge on how to reach solutions that expedite conflict-settlement, consensus and tranquility. Apart from public speaking, Waleed is highly fond of reading and writing, and is also a big Sherlock and Harvey Specter fan. He sincerely awaits your presence at this year’s Oxford International Model United Nations.

Sabuhi Khalili

Sabuhi holds MA degree in Diplomacy and International Affairs from ADA University. He works at the Budget Policy and Macroeconomic Analysis Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Sabuhi also teaches at MBA program of the University of Economics in Azerbaijan.

He has been both delegate and chair at several MUN conferences in Europe. He is looking forward to working with the delegates at OxIMUN Conference.

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