EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN)

The EU ECOFIN, not to be confused with the UN’s ECOFIN, is The Economic and Financial Affairs Council for the European Council. The body is tasked with coordinating the economic policies of member states and converging their interests and performance. Delegates within this committee will be largely responsible for advising their respective delegation positions in committees like the G20 and World Bank as their role within ECOFIN provides them with the direct information necessary to monitor the budgetary policies, economic relations and market developments which define the single currency.

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Introducing your chairs...

EU_Michael Webb

Michael Webb

Michael is a third-year student at the University of Kent studying Politics and International Relations. Unfortunately, he has only been doing MUN for 3 years as his High School back in Essex had no idea what MUN was, so he’s had to wait until he arrived in Canterbury to see what all the fuss was about and since he started University; he’s has been hooked! OXIMUN will be Michael’s 12th conference and he can’t wait to see what ideas the delegates bring to the table. Michael also likes to pretend that he has a life and some hobbies outside of MUN. He enjoys making cocktails and playing a good deal of sport. Like the boring Englishman he is you won’t see him to far from the cricket field or the tennis court when the sun finally graces England with its presence. Michael is also a keen traveler, with a love of the US where he likes to spend most of his holiday time, he advises that if you ever get the chance to visit beautiful Hawaii don’t turn it down! Finally, if you want to know how to succeed in MUN the best piece of advice Michael can give you is: ‘Stay out of MUN drama! You have no idea how much that can improve your chances of getting that Chairing spot or the Committee position of your dreams. I can’t wait to see you all in October’.

EU_Sarina Bastrup

Sarina Bastrup

Sarina is a second-year History and International Relations student at Kings College London. Having practiced MUN in her high school in Denmark, she returns after a one-year break, enthusiastic and ready for the challenges provided in OXIMUNs ECOFIN. Her experience counts close to 20 conferences around Denmark and the rest of Northern Europe- several as a chair and two as Secretary-General – as well as the title of President of her high school club and President of MUNDK – the national Danish MUN association. Outside
of MUN Sarina enjoys running, Netflix binge watching and good company.

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