Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC).

The first standing committee of the United Nations General Assembly is essentially tasked with promoting peace, principally in the medium and long term, in contrast with the crisis management work of the United Nations Security Council. DISEC has long been at the forefront of attempts to reduce nuclear proliferation and discourage the illicit production and trade of conventional weapons.

Topic A: The prohibition of lethal autonomous weapons and robots in warzones

Topic B: Combatting the proliferation of weapons to non state actors with special reference to the MENA region


Meet your chairs


Emilja Jeremic

Emilija Jeremić is currently in her third year of an undergraduate double degree in Psychology and English Language and Literature at the University of Belgade, in Belgrade, Serbia. She has been passionate about MUNs ever since her first one, 3 years ago, as she enjoys meeting new people from all over the world and discussing important matters with them, gaining a new perspective. She is currently a member of the Secretariat of Belgrade Model UN.

Apart from MUNs, she enjoys travelling and learning new languages. Besides her mother tongue, she is fluent in five: English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.


Ashwin Shanbhag

Ashwin Shanbhag, having graduated from Bangalore, is an Advocate who practices before the Supreme Court of India, Madras High Court and various other tribuanls. Ashwin Shanbhag was an avid moot court specialist in college recveing the gold medal for best outgoing mooter and debater. He has won the All India National Moot Court twice, both in the year 2011 and 2015. An avid debater, Ashwin has reached the final stage of the Global debate and Public Policy Challenge, 2014 organized in Budapest, Hungary where he was invited to speak amongst 4000 applicants for the scholarship around the world. Ashwin was one of the two speakers from India.

As an Model UN specalist, Ashwin has close to a decade of experience, as a Delegate, Chair, Organizer, Mentor and most importantly, as being the chief advisor for close to 25+ schools across the country. As a Chair, Ashwin served on as several prestigious conference’s executive board stuff. Oxford University, 2012 London International Model UN, 2012 and many more. He was the first and the only Indian to Chair at the inugural edition of the Ivy League Model UN, India 2013 organized by University of Pennsylvania in India. In the year 2014, Ashwin was invited to be part of the core team as an Under Secrearty General as part of the University of Pennsylvania’s team. Having partciapted in more than 100 MUNs in different capcties, Ashwin is one of the country’s leading expert in the said field.

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