United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime plays a leading role in supporting international cooperation on issues across the areas of drugs and crime. Established in 1997 through the merger of two predecessor organisations, UNODC assists the UN and member states in fighting corruption, human trafficking, money laundering, organised crime, piracy, and terrorism across the world. UNODC principally plays a supportive role in combatting these problems; gathering information on them so that best practice strategies can be shared with governments, alongside also seeking to increase awareness of them amongst the general public.Topic A: Web-based arms trafficking- investigating the illegal trade of firearms through the hidden webTopic B: The Resurgence of Opium production in Afghanistan Web-based arms trafficking: investigating the illegal trade of firearms through the hidden web  Study Guide Meet your chairs Zoe Bloomfield My name is Zoe Bloomfield, I am currently a first year undergrad…
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United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).A subsidiary of the UN General Assembly, the United Nations Human Rights Council is responsible for promoting and protecting human rights around the world. Tasked with examining abuses of human rights around the world, the UNHRC has been at the centre of extensive controversy since its creation due to its focus on Israel; the subject of more resolutions by the Council than all other states combined. Given the broad remit and potential of the body, UN Secretary Generals Kofi Annan and Ban Ki Moon have called for the UNHRC to expand its range of topics of interest. Recent work on Myanmar and Somalia, for example, have provided opportunities for this.Topic A: Systematic violations of due process and fair trial rights in Saudi Arabia.Topic B: Modern day technology and the protection of fundamental human rights  Study Guide Meet your chairs Syed Ahmed Shah Dear Delegates,My name is…
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United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).One of the highest-profile programmes of the United Nations is the UNHCR. Mandated with protecting and supporting refugees at the request of either an individual government or the UN itself; the United Nations High Commission for Refugees assists in the processes of voluntary repatriation, integration, and third country resettlement. The work of the UNHCR has been considered in many quarters as significantly impactful, which is reflected by the fact that the programme has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize twice.Topic A: Designing a Fair and Economically feasible Refugee Resettlement System for Global ApplicationTopic B: Developing a Sustainable Framework to Reduce the Vulnerability of Incoming Refugees  Study Guide Meet your chairs Andrei Cesaru Andrei Cursaru is an internationally educated student who wants to develop sustainable solutions to new and complex challenges at the intersection of political, economic and social phenomena. He is currently in his…
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