United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) The United Nations Economic and Social Council is the UN’s central platform for proposing innovative ideas on sustainable development. ECOSOC functions with a variety of stakeholders in mind; policymakers, parliamentarians, academics, business sector representatives, and over 3,200 NGOs and hosts a forum where sustainable development can be achieved through productive dialogue between the parties involved.Click here to view your study guide - OXIMUN 2019 ECOSOC  Introducing your chairs... Aidan Tee Aidan is a third-year student at the University of Warwick, studying Economics, Politics and International Studies. Although born in Malaysia, he has lived overseas for the majority of his life, specifically in Scotland and later the United Arab Emirates. His first involvement in MUN was in Grade 9, and has gained experience across the MUN circuit as a Delegate, Chair, and Secretariat member. Outside of MUN and his Degree, he can usually be found…
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African Union (AU)

African Union (AU) - Intermediate Committee Composed of 55 member states the African Union is a continental union which officially launched in 2002 to replace its predecessor the Organization of African Unity. Its main objective is to promote economic development via the cooperation of its African Member states and the respective cooperation of its citizens. Through all their discussions delegates will undoubtedly cover the ways they wish to adhere to and reform the goals of Agenda 2063, AU’s roadmap to sustainable development and economic prosperity for the next 50 years.Click here to view your study guide - OXIMUN 2019 African Union Study Guide Introducing your chairs... Maria Pereira da Costa Maria is a second-year History & Politics student at the University of Oxford, St Anne’s College, originally from Portugal. She has participated in countless MUNs across continental Europe both as a delegate and chair, in the past years focusing more…
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Joint Crisis Committee

Joint Cabinet Crisis Unlike regular MUN Committees, the Joint Cabinet Crisis operates in a more fast paced and dynamic manner with each delegate representing a character within a historical time period rather than a nation. Previous crises editions at OxIMUN include the Italian Wars of 1498 and the First Crusade. JCC topics are extensive and of a more diverse nature - topics can be historical, security-based, or even economic. In OxIMUN, the JCC will feature three cabinets and will run akin to UK-style crises.Click here to view your study guide - JCC Study Guide  Introducing your directors... Atakan Yurdakul Atakan, currently in his third year at the UK, is studying History BA at the University of Nottingham. Born and raised in Turkey, his MUN career started there several years ago during his high school years. After being introduced to the deep, dark hole called crisis committees, he has started to participate Model UN conferences…
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