UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) - Intermediate CommitteeECOSOC, a principal organ of the UN, serves as the central platform for the discussion of international economic, social and environmental issues and the formulation of policy recommendations for Member States and the UN system. It focuses primarily on advancing sustainable development, while also strengthening the coordination of UN humanitarian efforts. Recent topics of discussion have included poverty eradication and the implementation of the post-2015 SDGs.   ECOSOC Study Guide Topic 1: Redefining property rights as a means to promote economic development in countries with large informal economiesTopic 2: Addressing the global opioid epidemic Your ECOSOC Chairs Prashant Garg Hi, I’m Prashant. Starting with my academic pursuits: I’m a masters student in UCL, reading economics. I plan to keep studying something similar for a few more years until they call me a doctor. As for MUN, it has opened my perspectives to many…
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African Union (AU)

African Union (AU) - Intermediate CommitteeEstablished in 2002 to replace the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), the AU is a continental union comprising 55 countries on the African continent. The AU seeks to spearhead Africa’s development and integration, through achieving greater unity and solidarity between African countries, promoting peace and security on the continent and advancing democratic principles and institutions, among others. Current discussions centre around Agenda 2063, which is the AU’s strategic framework for the socioeconomic development of the continent for the next 50 years. In OxIMUN, this committee will convene as the annual AU summit. AU Study Guide Topic 1: Economic Integration of the AUTopic 2: Combatting the Threat of Piracy in East Africa Your AU Chairs Lise Theunissen Lise is a law student at the KU Leuven in Belgium. Her focus is on European and international public law. Next to MUNs, she is active in the board…
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Joint Crisis Committee

Joint Cabinet Crisis (JCC) - Advanced Committee Unlike regular Model UN committees, the JCC takes place in a more dynamic and fast-paced debate environment with each Member of the Cabinet representing a specific portfolio and having access to a wider range of tools e.g. directives, press releases, etc. JCC topics are extensive and of a diverse nature – topics can be historical, security-based, economic or even environmental. In OxIMUN, the JCC will involve three cabinets and will be run as a typical UK-style crisis. JCC Delegate Guide JCC Military & Study Guide Crisis: The First Crusade Your Crisis Directors Kiwan Richard Kiwan started dabbling with MUN back when he was in college; as a respite from the textbook rigour of A-Levels. With enthusiasm, he started his own MUN society in his college, as the MUN scene exploded in his native Malaysia. Cutting his teeth in crisis the first time he did…
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