Special Political and Decolonisation Committee (SPECPOL).The United Nations General Assembly’s fourth main standing committee is responsible for the rigorous consideration of draft resolutions surrounding issues broadly involving matters of peace and decolonisation. Over the course of its history, a diverse range of topics spanning from atomic radiation to human rights have been investigated by SPECPOL; making its subject matter both varied and highly interesting to simulate the discussion of.Topic A: Regulation of resource extraction and private enterprise in spaceTopic B: The Israel-Palestine Question: Holy Sites  Study Guide Meet your chairs Adina Pintilie Salutări and welcome to this OxIMUN’s SPECPOL!My name is Adina Pintilie and I am originally from Romania. I’m a third year at the University of Exeter, reading Politics and International Relations, struggling towards a Proficiency in German.Back in 2011, I started MUN by representing Syria in the Arab Spring. In weekly debates, I prefer representing countries with controversial policies as…
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Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM).The third committee of the United Nations General Assembly closely investigates matters such as the advancement of women and the treatment of refugees. Through considering draft resolutions on social matters, SOCHUM seeks to improve the conditions of life for all, especially the more marginalised groups of people found in the world. At least one topic discussed by this body at OxIMUN 2017 will concern gender equality and female empowerment.Topic A: Media Censorship and The Treatment of JournalistsTopic B: The issue of Female Genital Mutilation.  Study Guide Meet your chairs Natalie Chung My name is Natalie Chung, and I’m originally from the sunny city of Singapore and have spent the last two years studying in the UK. Come September, I will (hopefully) be starting my degree in International Relations having just completed my A Levels in the UK. I have been doing MUN for almost five…
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Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN).As the second of the six main standing committees of the United Nations General Assembly, ECOFIN provides a forum for the discussion of all manner of economic and financial issues in all parts of the world. Macroeconomic issues of economic development and growth have long been central to ECOFIN’s programmes of work, which have covered various policy areas including globalisation management, international debt, and poverty eradication over the years.Topic A: External debt sustainability and international financial systemTopic B: The use of Money Laundering to fund Terrorist Groups  Study Guide Meet your chairs Waleed Shahid Hailing from Lahore, Pakistan, Waleed is a junior at National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences; majoring in Business Administration. For him, it is a matter of mammoth honor to serve as the Chair for United Nation’s Economic and Financial Committee at University of Oxford’s Model UN Conference. Currently, Waleed is also…
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