G20 Japan

The G20 is an international forum representing the government and central bank interests of 19 states plus the European Union. In 2008 it replaced the G8 as the main economic council of wealthy nations and now its expanded memberships makes the G20 economies collectively account for 90% of the gross world product and two thirds of its population. The G20 by protecting the financial interests of the world’s most powerful nations has always strived to uphold international economic stability, a task which will be increasingly challenging considering the increase in protectionist policies which have disadvantaged developing nations, grown the debt of the developed world and contributed to the volatile nature of the international trade order. The Fourteenth Meeting of the G-20 will be held in Osaka, Japan and at OxiMUN 2019 delegates of the G20 will not only be faced with securing their economic interests but must face the overwhelming amount of dissent they are receiving from developing nations regarding their own national and uneven reforms. As a pivotal player of the globalized trading system the G20 in OxiMUN  aside from conducting negotiations within its own committee will be working towards a grander final resolution. Rather than producing a final resolution which solely reflects its efforts the G20, like UNCTAD, will be producing a resolution which attempts to reflect the discussions being had throughout the weekend by all Intermediate Committees. However, due to its commitment to global financial interests its mandate will contrast that of the sustainable development focus of UNCTAD in this regard.
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