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The G20 is an international forum representing the government and central bank interests of 19 states plus the European Union. In 2008 it replaced the G8 as the main economic council of wealthy nations and now its expanded memberships makes the G20 economies collectively account for 90% of the gross world product and two thirds of its population. The G20 by protecting the financial interests of the world’s most powerful nations has always strived to uphold international economic stability, a task which will be increasingly challenging considering the increase in protectionist policies which have disadvantaged developing nations, grown the debt of the developed world and contributed to the volatile nature of the international trade order. The Fourteenth Meeting of the G-20 will be held in Osaka, Japan and at OxiMUN 2019 delegates of the G20 will not only be faced with securing their economic interests but must face the overwhelming amount of dissent they are receiving from developing nations regarding their own national and uneven reforms. As a pivotal player of the globalized trading system the G20 in OxiMUN  aside from conducting negotiations within its own committee will be working towards a grander final resolution. Rather than producing a final resolution which solely reflects its efforts the G20, like UNCTAD, will be producing a resolution which attempts to reflect the discussions being had throughout the weekend by all Intermediate Committees. However, due to its commitment to global financial interests its mandate will contrast that of the sustainable development focus of UNCTAD in this regard.

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Introducing your chairs...

G20_Emma Hardwick

Emma Hardwick

Emma is a second-year International Law student at Lancaster University. Having participated in MUN conferences since middle school when she was living in the United States, though originally from Portugal, Emma has shared her passion for MUN across the 5 countries she has lived in, and beyond. She is currently the president of her MUN society at Lancaster University where each week she, along with the other exec, participate in thought-provoking, interesting and sometimes funny debates. She is extremely excited to get the opportunity to be a co-chair for the G20 at this years OxIMUN and cannot wait to meet you all. 

Outside of MUN, Emma participates in mooting at her university’s Law Society and is a member of the Miscarriages of Justice Clinic. In her free time, she enjoys skiing (and après-ski), rewatching the Harry Potter series religiously and ensuring everyone she meets knows that Roses are Red (sorry York).

G20_Thomas Litan

Thomas Litan

Thomas is a student currently taking a double Master’s degree in Health Law and Criminal Law at the University of Amsterdam. A veteran in MUN, OxIMUN 2019 will be his 49th conference; previous conferences have taken him across the globe, from Washington D.C. to Tel Aviv and from Istanbul to Rome. At his first OxIMUN, he will be taking on the role of Director of the G20. In his spare time, he is a board member of the Amsterdam University Honours Programme Association, he works at the Healthcare Sector Disciplinary Court and enjoys reading, political and legal discussions and socialising with friends.

He is very excited for his first ever visit to Oxford and hopes to transfer some of his enthusiasm and passion for MUN onto his delegates.

G20_Zoe Braddick

Zoe Braddick

Hey, I’m Zoe and I’m delighted to be the Director of the G20 at OxiMUN this year! I am a Politics and Economics student at the University of Reading currently on a year in industry and I have been attending and organising conferences for the past eight years.

Originally from Somerset, in the South West of England, I started my MUN career back in 2011 on the promise of investigating exciting topics in a greater amount of depth than I would usually be allowed to, and was thrown into a conference with participants who were, on average, 6 to 7 years older than I was. Nethertheless, this allowed for one of the most exciting weekends and drew me into the world of MUN that I still love fifty conferences later.

Outside of this, I also have been working as an Economist for the Government over the past year, as well as being secretariat for five conferences this year, including sec gen for the Peace Conference and NorseMUN. I also am a great fan of opera, musical theatre and classical music, having performed in four operas as a chorus member over the last few years, so am always more than willing to discuss the anti-capitalist reason for Wagner’s music or anything that involves the word singing in the topic.

Committee Email: g202019@oximun.org

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