African Union (AU) - Intermediate Committee

Composed of 55 member states the African Union is a continental union which officially launched in 2002 to replace its predecessor the Organization of African Unity. Its main objective is to promote economic development via the cooperation of its African Member states and the respective cooperation of its citizens. Through all their discussions delegates will undoubtedly cover the ways they wish to adhere to and reform the goals of Agenda 2063, AU’s roadmap to sustainable development and economic prosperity for the next 50 years.

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Introducing your chairs...

AU_Maria Pereira da Costa Picture

Maria Pereira da Costa

Maria is a second-year History & Politics student at the University of Oxford, St Anne’s College, originally from Portugal. She has participated in countless MUNs across continental Europe both as a delegate and chair, in the past years focusing more on gaining chairing experience, including several Security Councils. Her main highlight so far was being Deputy Secretary General of the Oporto MUN. She is looking forward to chairing the African Union and ensuring that all delegates enjoy OxIMUN to the fullest!

Outside of MUNs, Maria can be found stressing over essay deadlines in the library (during term time), or riding her horse back in sunny Portugal (during the so-wished vac). She is the Secretary & Novice Captain of the Oxford University Equestrian Club, as well as the International Students’ Representative of her college’s JCR committee.

AU_Tawfik Ramses

Tawfik Ramses

Tawfik is an Egyptian 4th year Biomedical Engineer at Imperial College London and had his first MUN conference back in 2012. Ever since, what started as an innocent interest has now grown into a possible but not probable career choice for Tawfik as he ponders on the next episode of his life, post-graduation. 


In MUN, Tawfik is passionate about how it develops your character, having strong, thorough debate and good bants. When not in committee, Tawfik’s natural habitats include (but are not limited to): a lab designing brain implants, a plane travelling or a dance floor dancing salsa/tango. Tawfik is also a semi-professional stand-up comedian and enjoys partying.

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