Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

ASEAN in the past decade has come to define the central defining regional body for the intergovernmental cooperation of the Asia Pacific. Through their consenus voting system its 10 member states are responsible for  economic, political, security, and sociocultural integration. Even Though ASEAN has been my many primarily respected for its role as a “security community,” since its inception in 1967 ASEAN has continuously expanded its mandate and brought economic coordination to the forefront.

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Introducing your chairs...

ASEAN_Akshaya Mohan

Akshaya Mohan

Akshaya is 2nd year student studying Law with International Relations at the University of Surrey. MUNning is deep-rooted into her routine ever since she joined the circuit in 2013, so much so that it paved a career path for her – The MUNner in her today hopes to be a UN diplomat tomorrow.

Since her first MUN in 2013, she has attended 15+ conferences in the capacity of a delegate, chair, Secretariat member and organizer. She believes that MUNning goes beyond dominating committee with just words or an overload of facts and figures – its about working together with each person in committee, which means submitting to their ideas just as often as they agree to yours.

Outside MUNning, Akshaya likes to think that she can sing and dance, and she also happens to dabble in a bit of poetry. She’s a nerd of every fandom and a bookworm in every genre so, to earn brownie points, start your conversation with a quote from Harry Potter! 😊

Akshaya loves meeting new people and hopes she can meet and get to know a lot of new people at this conference as well!

ASEAN_Lina Jeffcock

Lina Jeffcock

As a brief introduction, Lina is a second-year History student at the London School of Economics and hopes to convert to Law upon completing her undergraduate degree. She is the President of the London School of Economics’ United Nations Society and loves the unique sense of community that Model United Nations brings. 

Lina has had a somewhat nomadic upbringing moving back and forth from France, the USA, the UK and Japan. She is a serious foodie and starting a conversation on the topic of food could have her talking for hours! 

Lina looks forward to hearing debate about all the solutions that she has considered, as well as ones she has not thought of herself. She loves a bit of creative thinking in committee! As the Director of the ASEAN Regional Summit, she hopes to ensure a high-quality and memorable learning experience and is excited to meet all the delegates of her committee.

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