African Union.

The African Union (AU) has 14 listed objectives, which are all designed to encourage development in and promote greater integration of the African continent. Although the AU can date its origins back to the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in 1963, the current organisation was formed as recently as 2002. Being the continental international union of Africa, the AU is involved in confronting challenges ranging from desertification and famine through to HIV/AIDS and tropical diseases.

Topic A: South Sudan and North Sudan

Topic B: Implementation of Agenda 2063


Meet your chairs

Jad Zeitouni

Jad is a 24 years old Law student at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium with a great interest in international law and politics. He is active in various youth organizations, did countless MUNs, MEUs, youth parliaments, and likes to be engaged in youth projects bringing positive change. His latest project “changemakers” will bring him to Uganda in the context of gender equality and he is a strong supporter of a stronger African Union to truly bring unity and stability to a continent divided for far too long.

A simulation of the African Union is an opportunity for young motivated students to understand its’ challenges and hopefully grow throughout it.  It is thus with great pleasure that he will chair the African Union at OxIMUN 2017 to try and bring something realistic and unique to students seeking a challenge and an opportunity to develop themselves. He hopes to turn both his knowledge on the various challenges of the African Continent and his experience as a delegate and chair into tools to make the simulation a unique and rewarding experience for delegates.

Nicole Neo

Nicole is an incoming freshman at St. John’s College, Oxford University, and will be reading for a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. She is a Chair of the African Union for OxIMUN 2017. While this will be her first OxIMUN, she has been involved with MUN for four years back in Singapore both as a delegate and chair. At OxIMUN 2017, she hopes to be able to channel her strong interest in regional organisations to create an engaging and meaningful experience for delegates in the AU.

In her free time, Nicole likes to tinker away on the piano, reminisce her old days as a rhythmic gymnast and brush up on her foreign language skills to further her diplomat dreams. Even when she is not in MUN, she is constantly on the search for exciting potential debate topics for future MUNs.

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