Whilst we are unable to provide participants with accommodation for this year’s conference, delegates from past years have had positive experiences staying at the following lodgings. Delegates have also successfully used Airbnb to find places to stay during the conference.

Please contact our USG Delegates at delegates@oximun.org if you require any assistance.


These hostels are all located in and around Park End Street, just to the west of the city centre; they are within walking distance of the train station as well as conference venues. They are all quite affordable and offer a variety of room and dorm options.

YHA Oxford

2A Botley Rd, Oxford OX2 0AB, UK

+44 1865 721626

Oxford Backpackers

9A Hythe Bridge St, Oxford OX1 2EW

+44 1865 721761

Central Backpackers Oxford

13 Park End St, Oxford OX1 1HH

+44 1865 242288

Hotels Outside the City Centre

These hotels and guest houses are mostly located a mile or two outside the city centre. They are all very close to bus stops that will take you to central Oxford within 10-15 minutes. Most of them also offer complimentary breakfasts.

The Ridings Guest House

280 Abingdon Rd, Oxford OX1 4TA

+44 1865 721626

Green Gables

326 Abingdon Rd, Oxford OX1 4TE

+44 1865 725870

Travelodge Oxford Abingdon Road

Abingdon Rd, Oxford OX1 4XG

+44 871 559 1877

Cherwell Guest House

137 Iffley Rd, Oxford OX4 1EJ

+44 1865 200135

Acorn Guest House

260 Iffley Rd, Oxford OX4 1TA

+44 1865 247998

Harris Guest House

307 Iffley Rd, Oxford OX4 4AG

+44 1865 721561

The Balkan Lodge

315 Iffley Rd, Oxford OX4 4AG

+44 1865 244524

Parklands B & B

100 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2

+44 1865 554374

The Galaxie

180 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2

+44 1865 515688

Lina Guest House

308 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 7ED

+44 1865 511070

Lonsdale Guest House

312 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 7ED

+44 1865 554872

Cotswold House

363 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 7PL

+44 1865 310558

Remont Oxford Hotel

367 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 7PL

+44 1865 311020

White House View Guest House

9 White House Road, Oxford OX1 4PA

+44 1865 721626

Oxford West House

72 Botley Rd, Oxford OX2 0BU

+44 7551 066506

Hotels farther outside Oxford

These hotels tend to be less expensive but may involve a 20-30 minute bus ride to and from the city centre.

Holiday Inn Oxford

Peartree Roundabout, Woodstock Rd, Oxford OX2 8JD

+44 871 942 9086

Travelodge Oxford Peartree

Moto Service Area, Peartree Roundabout, Oxford OX2 8JZ

+44 871 984 6206

Travelodge Oxford Wheatley

Harvester A40, London Road, Wheatley OX33 1JH

+44 871 984 6207

Hotels in the City Center

These hotels in the city centre tend to be slightly more expensive than those outside the city centre but are within walking distance of all venues, eliminating the need to take a bus.

George Oxford Hotel

29 George St, Oxford OX1 2AY, UK

+44 1865 727400


48 George St, Oxford OX1 2AQ, UK

+44 1865 725087

Sleep Inn Oxford

6 Gloucester St, Oxford OX1 2BN, UK

+44 1865 250715

Premium Hotels

These 4- and 5-star lodgings are scattered in historic buildings across the city, and are some of the best Oxford has to offer.

Malmaison Oxford

Oxford Castle, 3 New Rd, Oxford OX1 1AY

+44 1865 689944

The Old Bank Hotel

92-94 High St, Oxford OX1 4BJ

+44 1865 799599

The Macdonald Randolph Hotel

Beaumont St, Oxford OX1 2LN

+44 344 879 9132

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