Emma Rowland


Emma is a second-year law student at Exeter College. She has been involved in MUN since she was 14 years old. Having volunteered at last year’s conference in the crisis committee she has taken on the role of Secretary General. She is incredibly excited to lead this year’s secretariat and would like to extend a warm welcome to all coming to OxIMUN 2019. Alongside Alina and the rest of the team, she is eager to make OxIMUN 2019 the greatest conference yet.



Outside of MUN, Emma debates with the Oxford Union. She is also a member of the Oxford University Triathlon club and will be running the Oxford Half-Marathon two weeks before OxIMUN!


She can be reached at sg@oximun.org.


Alina Kunisch

Deputy Secretary-General

Alina is a second-year student reading Theology and Religion at Regent’s Park College. As Deputy Secretary-General, she works with Emma to oversee the conference and to support her in her tasks. In her home country Germany Alina chaired multiple debates imitating the European Parliament. She volunteered with OxIMUN in 2018 and is excited to join this year’s Secretariat.

Outside of MUN, Alina serves as a Publicity, Fundraise and Outreach Officer for Nightline and works as a Session Coach with KEEN.


Alina can be reached at dsg@oximun.org


Drake Marsaly

Logistics Director

Drake is a second year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student at Lincoln college. He has been doing some form of competitive debate for the past five years, and started participating in MUN after moving back to France in tenth grade. He has attended several conferences, both as a delegate and a chair, but believes that being an admin is his true calling when it comes to MUN conferences. He helps Jamie with all things logistics related, except when it comes to his campaign to promote Geography as a degree.

He can be reached at logistics@oximun.org.

James Woodford

Deputy Finance Director

James is a second year student studying Philosophy Politics and Economics at St Catherine’s College. His role as deputy financial director is oriented towards the organisation of sponsorships for the conference. As well as contacting firms and businesses, James be liaises with local restaurants to form partnerships over the course of the year. He works alongside the other financial director, Zoe, to ensure that the conference runs smoothly. Joining the secretariat for the first time, James is excited to be part of the OxIMUN team and looks forward to an entertaining weekend.


Outside of OxIMUN, James is on his college’s JCR committee and is involved in a number of sports and societies across Oxford. James can be reached at depfinance@oximun.org

Shannon Yang

Under Secretary-General for Delegates

Shannon is a PPE student at St. Anne’s College. As the Under-Secretary for Delegates she is in charge of the delegate application process and is the first port of call for any questions regarding the process and the conference. Shannon is highly experienced with conference organisation after being on the organising committee for the first TEDx conference in the US, with an attendance of 1000 students. She looks forward to working with the rest of the secretariat to plan to conference.


Shannon can be contacted at delegates@oximun.org.


Badshah Kazi

Under Secretary-General for Chairing

Badshah is a second year student currently studying Civil Engineering at University College London and will be going on into his third year in October. Having chaired OxIMUN in 2017 and serving as the Special Advisor last year, he is very excited to return once again as the USG Chairing. Badshah has been involved in the MUN world for a very long time as he attended his first conference back in 2011 and has had many roles since then ranging from a committee delegate to crisis director and various secretariat roles.


Outside of MUN, Badshah normally spends his time reading through historical time periods or continuing his weekly ritual of watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy until he has the scripts memorised. He is very excited to welcome everyone to the conference and to review the chairing applications this year! 

He can be reached at chairs@oximun.org

Bianca Getzel

Under Secretary-General for Academics

Bianca Getzel is a third year Politics and International relations student at the University of Manchester. Despite being Italian she began MUN in the United States where she completed high school. While in the US she was captain of her team and acted as a UN Student Representative organizing forums and panels throughout her region. Now at university, after spending her first year as a delegate in the UK and international circuit, she is now chairing/organizing an array of conferences. After having spent too much of her free time scrutinizing ROPs and deliberating on ways to improve her beloved MUN format she is ecstatic to be part of OxIMUN as your Under Secretary General for Academics .


She can be reached at academics@oximun.org

Leah Tillmann-Morris

Under Secretary-General for Social Events

Leah is a second-year student reading Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at St Catherine’s College..

As Events Director, she organises the major ceremonies at OxIMUN including the flagship conference ball, as well as other social events and is responsible for the social side of the conference. Leah volunteered to help with logistics for OxIMUN 2018; she joins this year’s Secretariat for the first time.


Outside of MUN, Leah is responsible for St Catz’s Green Impact group, is the social running representative of the university’s cross country club and on the committee of OULD. In her free time, Leah is involved in drama and rowing.


Leah can be reached at socials@oximun.org.

Hannah Kidner

Deputy Under Secretary-General for Social Events

Hannah is a second year student reading History at St Catherine’s College. She will be working with Leah to organise the events and ensure the ball is a fantastic event for all. Hannah volunteered to help with logistics for OxIMUN 2018; she joins this year’s Secretariat for the first time.

Outside MUN Hannah is involved with the Oxford Women in Business Events team and KITE Oxford which is a mentoring scheme in Nairobi, Kenya.

Hannah can be contacted at depsocials@oximun.org.

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