MUN League was founded in 2012 by the following, referred to as The Founders:


Americas Model United Nations (AMUN)


McGill Model United Nations Assembly (McMUN)


Oxford International Model United Nations (OxIMUN)

The League unites some of the strongest conferences in the world as to promote the circuit of Model United Nations internationally. Spanning from three different corners of the world, the League aims to integrate content and experience on a global scope, by increasing the diversity of attendees and thus enabling truly international simulations.

Its Mission Statement is to promote an increasingly global exchange of ideas and connections through collaboration among participating conferences of The League, enabling a greater diversity and awareness of attending delegates.

How can you benefit from MUN League?

Participants awarded Best Delegate titles through their participation in one of The Founders’ conferences are offered free passes to participate in the other two MUN League conferences. 

Cooperation and information sharing will also allow for exchanges of best practices among Members in order to provide participants with a simulation environment that is both professional and at the cutting edge of innovation. MUN League members will further develop ongoing initiatives of Model UN awareness through mutual collaboration and outreach.

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